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Geraldton Gold Cup

The Geraldton Cup, is an unlisted Thoroughbred horse race, which was first run on 8 December 1887 with a winner's purse of £300. The race, staged over 3,200 metres was won by Baron Necktar a full brother to Dunlop, the Melbourne Cup winner of the same year. In 1887, the Perth Cup had a winner's purse of £250 and placed Geraldton racing ahead of what was to become one of Western Australia's most popular races.

The Geraldton Gold Cup is hosted by the Geraldton Turf Club.

In 2007 Tapdog became the first horse to win the race three times.

Past winners

  • 2007 Tapdog
  • 2006 Tapdog
  • 2005 Elvis Rules
  • 2004 Colorado River
  • 2003 Robe River Man
  • 2002 Tapdog
  • 2001 Sir Donald
  • 2000 Interest Free
  • 1999 Mount Henry
  • 1998 Boston Blue
  • 1997 Clan West
  • 1996 The Walrus
  • 1995 Pago Music
  • 1994 The Walrus
  • 1993 Pago Magic
  • 1992 Top Voltage
  • 1991 Mr. Geraldton
  • 1990 Great Fellow
  • 1989 Brazen Face
  • 1987 Stylish Lord
  • 1986 Calingiri City
  • 1985 Mick's Lad
  • 1984 Star Warning
  • 1983 Stock Market
  • 1982 Outcome
  • 1981 Russian Robert
  • 1980 Kens Marty
  • 1979 Jimadaw
  • 1978 Under Control
  • 1977 Racaralma


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