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Gloucester Park

Gloucester Park is a harness racing course in Perth, Western Australia. In the suburb of East Perth, the oval course is adjacent to the WACA Ground. The track is lit, and Friday night pacing events are popular.

As of 2006 the Western Australian Trotting Association have used Gloucester Park for more than 70 years, starting with the first Inter Dominion Championship held in February 1936.[1]

Gloucester Park has also been used for Telstra Rally Australia.[2]

Between 1977 and 1979 Gloucester Park was used as a venue for World Series Cricket matches.[3]

File:Gloucester park ent gnangarra.jpg
Entrance to Gloucester Park, located at the southern side of the perimeter
File:Gloucester park int gnangarra 02.JPG
Grandstands, track and finish line. The floodlights surrounding the WACA Ground are visible in the background


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