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Gran Premio Lotteria

Group One International race
Gran Premio Lotteria
Location Agnano Racetrack, Naples,
22x20px Italy
Inaugurated 1951
Race type Harness race for standardbred trotters
Race information
Distance 1,600 meters (0.99 mile)
Track Left-handed 1,000 meter track (0.62 mile)
Qualification Age 4 and up
Purse ≈US$795,000 (€600,600)

Gran Premio Lotteria, or Gran Premio della Lotteria, or in short, Lotteria, is an annual Group One harness event that takes place at Agnano Racetrack in Naples, Italy.[1] The competition, which was inaugurated in 1951, is regarded as one of the most prestigious international events in trotting.[2] The winner is decided through three qualifying heats and a subsequent final later the same day. Both the eliminations and the final are raced over 1,600 meters.[3] Gran Premio Lotteria is part of the European Grand Circuit and the overall purse for the 2009 event was €600,600, equalling approximately US$795,000.[1][4] The fastest winning time in the history of the race is 1:10.8, run by Varenne in 2002.[3]


Racing conditions

The races

Gran Premio Lotteria is decided through three elimination heats, followed by a final. The first three trotters of each elimination progress to the final, which is run later the same day. There is also a consolations race for the competitors that do not succeed in qualifying for the final.[5]

Distance and starting method

The distance was, during the first seven years, 1,700 meters. This was shortened to 1,680 meters in 1959. In 1976 the distance was further decreased, to today's 1,600 meters. With the exceptions of 1951, 1952 and 1956, the race have always been started by the use of auto start.[3]

The 2009 Lotteria

The starting list (the final)

  1. Algiers Hall - Roberto Vecchione (Holger Ehlert)
  1. Opal Viking - Björn Goop (Nils Enqvist)
  1. Oiseau de Feux - Jean-Michel Bazire (Fabrice Souloy)
  1. Island Effe - Pietro Gubellini (Edoardo Gubellini)
  1. Jodas Julia - Dominiek Locqueneux (Catarina Lundström)
  1. Ghibellino - Roberto Andreghetti (Eric Bondo)
  1. Idalgo Jet - Pasquale Esposito J:r (Ottavio Silvestri)
  1. Classic Grand Cru - Thomas Uhrberg (Steen Juul)
  1. Ismos Fp - Enrico Bellei (Claus Ernst Hollman)

Swedish stallion Opal Viking, trained by Nils Enqvist and driven by Björn Goop, was betting favourite, followed by Oiseau de Feux, Algiers Hall and Ghibellino.[6]

The race

Algiers Hall went to the front and driver Roberto Vecchione chose to keep the lead when favourite Opal Viking announced an interest to take it over. Oiseau de Feux followed as third and the pace was very slow. In the stretch, Island Effe and Ghibellino came from behind to claim the first and second place, respectively. Oiseau de Feux overtook Opal Viking to reach third, while the Swedish favourite finished fourth.[7][8]

Island Effe became the first Italian mare to win the event. The winning time for the Italian 5-year-old mare after Lemon Dra, was 1:57.1 (mile rate)/1:12.9 (km rate). The winner's purse was US$275,000.[3][9]

Past winners

Horses with most wins

  • 3 - Birbone (1952, 1953, 1955)
  • 3 - Tornese (1957, 1958, 1962)
  • 3 - Une de Mai (1969, 1970, 1971)
  • 2 - The Last Hurrah (1978, 1979)[3]

Drivers with most wins

  • 5 - Vivaldo Baldi (1952, 1953, 1955, 1978, 1979)
  • 5 - Jean-Rene Gougeon (1967, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1976)
  • 3 - Sergio Brighenti (1958, 1962, 1963)
  • 3 - Giampaolo Minnucci (2000, 2001, 2002)[3]

Trainers with most wins

  • 5 - Vivaldo Baldi (1952, 1953, 1955, 1978, 1979)
  • 4 - Sergio Brighenti (1957, 1958, 1962, 1963)
  • 4 - Jean-Rene Gougeon (1969, 1970, 1971, 1976)
  • 3 - Jori Turja (2000, 2001, 2002)[3]

Sires with at least two winning offsprings

  • 3 - Nevele Pride (Contingent Fee, Evita Broline, Classy Rogue)
  • 2 - Ayres (Top Hanover, The Last Hurrah)
  • 2 - Pharaon (Tornese, Nievo)
  • 2 - Speedy Crown (Evann C., Embassy Lobell)[3]

Fastest winners

Auto start
Volt start (1951, 1952, 1956)
  • 1:17.8 (km rate) - Gelinotte (1956)[3]

All winners of Gran Premio Lotteria





Winning horse's native country

Winning time

2009 Island Effe Pietro Gubellini Edoardo Gubellini 22x20px Italy 1:12.9
2008 Gambling Bi Jean-Michel Bazire Fabrice Souloy 22x20px Italy 1:11.3
2007 Exploit Caf Jean-Michel Bazire Fabrice Souloy 22x20px Italy 1:12.0
2006 Malabar Circle Ås Andrea Guzzinati Jerry Riordan 22x20px Sweden 1:12.1
2005 Digger Crown Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson 22x20px Sweden 1:13.0
2004 Legendary Lover K. Enrico Bellei Gunnar Christiansen 22x20px United States 1:12.5
2003 Victory Tilly Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson 22x20px Sweden 1:12.7
2002 Varenne Giampaolo Minucci Jori Turja 22x20px Italy 1:10.8
2001 Varenne Giampaolo Minucci Jori Turja 22x20px Italy 1:12.6
2000 Varenne Giampaolo Minucci Jori Turja 22x20px Italy 1:12.4
1999 Remington Crown Joseph Verbeeck Jan Kruithof 22x20px Sweden 1:11.1
1998 Kramer Boy Johnny Takter Johnny Takter 22x20px Sweden 1:14.1
1997 Wesgate Crown Enrico Bellei Raz Mackenzie 22x20px United States 1:12.4
1996 Crowning Classic Mauro Baroncini Mauro Baroncini 22x20px United States 1:12.4
1995 Ina Scot Helen A. Johansson Kjell P. Dahlström 22x20px Sweden 1:13.1
1994 Uconn Don Andrea Baveresi Andrea Baveresi 22x20px United States 1:13.7
1993 Embassy Lobell Wim Paal Wim Paal 22x20px United States 1:12.8
1992 Bravur Sund Mauro Baroncini Mauro Baroncini 22x20px Sweden 1:12.7
1991 Peace Corps Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson 22x20px United States 1:14.0
1990 Evann C. Björn Lindblom Björn Lindblom 22x20px United States 1:12.9
1989 Hollyhurst Lorenzo Baldi Lorenzo Baldi 22x20px United States 1:13.2
1988 Grades Singing Olle Goop Olle Goop 22x20px United States 1:12.8
1987 Limbo Joe Vittorio Guzzinati Vittorio Guzzinati 22x20px United States 1:13.9
1986 Classy Rogue William Casoli William Casoli 22x20px United States 1:14.8
1985 Evita Broline Berndt Lindstedt Berndt Lindstedt 22x20px Sweden 1:13.9
1984 The Onion Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson 22x20px Sweden 1:14.1
1983 Keystone Patriot Veijo Heiskanen Veijo Heiskanen 22x20px United States 1:15.6
1982 Our Dream of Mite Eduardo Gubellini Eduardo Gubellini 22x20px United States 1:14.7
1981 Contingent Fee Mario Rivara Mario Rivara 22x20px United States 1:16.2
1980 Hillion Brillouard Philippe Allaire Philippe Allaire 22x20px France 1:13.8
1979 The Last Hurrah Vivaldo Baldi Vivaldo Baldi 22x20px United States 1:14.9
1978 The Last Hurrah Vivaldo Baldi Vivaldo Baldi 22x20px United States 1:14.5
1977 Wayne Eden Anselmo Fontanesi Anselmo Fontanesi 22x20px United States 1:14.7
1976 Bellino II Jean Rene Gougeon Jean Rene Gougeon 22x20px France 1:15.2
1975 Dimitria Leopold Verroken Leopold Verroken 22x20px France 1:16.1
1974 Top Hanover Gerhard Krüger Gerhard Krüger 22x20px United States 1:17.7
1973 Lightning Larry Eduardo Gubellini Eduardo Gubellini 22x20px United States 1:16.5
1972 Amyot Louis Sauvé Louis Sauvé 22x20px France 1:16.8
1971 Une de Mai Jean-Rene Gougeon Jean-Rene Gougeon 22x20px France 1:16.7
1970 Une de Mai Jean-Rene Gougeon Jean-Rene Gougeon 22x20px France 1:16.6
1969 Une de Mai Jean-Rene Gougeon Jean-Rene Gougeon 22x20px France 1:16.6
1968 Eileen Eden Johannes Frömming Johannes Frömming 22x20px United States 1:16.5
1967 Roquepine Jean-Rene Gougeon Henri Levesque 22x20px France 1:16.4
1966 Cheer Honey Gerhard Krüger Gerhard Krüger 22x20px United States 1:16.7
1965 Elma Johannes Frömming Jonel Chyriacos 22x20px France 1:16.5
1964 Hurst Hanover Giancarlo Baldi Giancarlo Baldi 22x20px United States 1:16.7
1963 Behave Sergio Brighenti Sergio Brighenti 22x20px United States 1:16.4
1962 Tornese Sergio Brighenti Sergio Brighenti 22x20px Italy 1:16.8
1961 Kracovie Roger Vercruysse Roger Vercruysse 22x20px France 1:17.0
1960 Nievo Ugo Bottoni Ugo Bottoni 22x20px Italy 1:17.5
1959 Icare IV Walter Baroncini Walter Baroncini 22x20px France 1:16.7
1958 Tornese Sergio Brighenti Sergio Brighenti 22x20px Italy 1:17.9
1957 Tornese Mario Santi Sergio Brighenti 22x20px Italy 1:18.5
1956 Gelinotte Charlie Mills Charlie Mills 22x20px France 1:17.8
1955 Birbone Vivaldo Baldi Vivaldo Baldi 22x20px Italy 1:18.6
1954 Saint Clair Oduardo Baldi Oduardo Baldi 22x20px United States 1:19.4
1953 Birbone Vivaldo Baldi Vivaldo Baldi 22x20px Italy 1:18.5
1952 Birbone Vivaldo Baldi Vivaldo Baldi 22x20px Italy 1:18.6
1951 Bayard Ugo Bottoni Ugo Bottoni 22x20px Italy 1:20.3



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