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Grand Canyon Mule Train

Can you think of a better way for a horse lover to explore North America's greatest natural wonder than astride the back of a mule?


North Rim mule trips are offered from mid-May to mid October and start as low as $40.00 per person for a one hour ride, while half day trips to Uncle Jim's Point are $80.00 per person; or for the same price you can purchase the Inner-Canyon half day ride that descends down the North Kaibab Trail 2,300 feet.  None of these rides go to the river, but they are relatively inexpensive, provide great views, and are usually available on a daily basis.  


Bear in mind, however, there are some age restrictions. Children must be at least 7 years old for the one hour ride, and 10 years old for the half day trips. 


South Rim mule trips are offered year round, but reservations fill up early.  So plan ahead and book months in advance. Some visitors to the canyon feel that fall and winter are the best times of year to see the canyon.  If you are fortunate enough be be there after a snowfall, the canyon is an enchanting winter wonderland at the rim, with the snow line slowly dissipating about 1/4 of the way down the trail, and summer temperatures prevail as you wind your way to the river.


The 3 hour Abyss Overlook Ride, which departs from the Historic Mule Barn, is just a short walk from Bright Angel Lodge and costs $122.81 per person.  The trail winds through forest and woodlands to the rim where riders dismount for a breathtaking view of the canyon.  A light snack and water are provided for each rider.  Safety requires that Abyss Overlook riders must not weigh more than 225lbs/102 kg fully dressed.


Or perhaps an overnight trip appeals to you.  Overnight Ridesinclude accommodations and meals with prices starting at $523.43 for one person or $924.04 for two persons.  This trip will take you to the bottom of the Canyon near the Colorado River, where you will stay the night at the Phantom Ranch.  (Two night stays are also available.)  Again, for safety purposes there are height and weight restrictions for overnight trips which specify that riders must be a least 4'7" tall and cannot weigh over 200 lbs/91kg fully dressed.  Guests must also speak and understand English fluently, be comfortable around large animals, not afraid of heights, and cannot be pregnant.


There is also a rental Stable located just outside the South Entrance to Grand Canyon National Park that offers one or two hour trail rides through the Kaibab National Forest, as well as twilight campfire and wagon rides.  Horses and mules are provided.


For Reservations call:  1-800-297-2757  (South Rim)         or          1-435-679-8665  (North Rim)


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