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Great Northern Derby

Group I race
Location Alexandra Park
Auckland, New Zealand
Inaugurated 1916
Race type Standardbred - Flat racing
Website Alexandra Park
Race information
Distance 2700m
Track Oval dirt, right-handed
Qualification Three-year-old horses
Purse NZ $500,000

for the galloping race run up to 1972, see: Great Northern Derby

The Great Northern Derby is a harness racing event for 3 year old standardbreds. It is a major event for 3 year old colts and geldings in New Zealand. It is run at Alexandra Park in Auckland, on the same night as the Auckland Cup in early March. The stake of $500,000 is the richest for 3-year-olds in Australasia.


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Most wins by an owner:

  • 4 - R A McKenzie (1963, 1968, 1971, 1984)

Winners list

GREAT NORTHERN DERBY (Mobile Barrier, 2700m, $600,000) Run annually at Alexandra Park Raceway






2009 Stunin Cullen T McDonald, E C Griffin Anthony Butt 3:23.2
2008 Fiery Falcon Mrs M M House, Est Sir Roy McKenzie, others Mark Purdon 3:20.8
2007 Changeover A.T.C. Trot 2006 Syndicate David Butcher 3:21.8
2005 Monkey King Cavalla Bloodstock Limited Todd Mitchell 3:24.8
2004 Badlands Bute Lincoln Farms Ltd Tony Herlihy 3:23.8
2003 Winforu Mrs M E Wych, J C McJorrow Maurice McKendry 3:01.6
2002 Elsu Mrs J Walters, Double Up Syndicate, others David Butcher 3:20.7
2001 All Hart J R Duncalf, W Harvey, R C Mills, L C O'Connor David Butcher 3:20.5
2000 Matai Mackenzie A.T.C. Trot 2000 Syndicate Brent Mangos 3:25.2
1999 Stars And Stripes C N Radford, Mrs J Z Radford Ken Barron 3:20.4
1998 Courage Under Fire G W Brodie Colin De Filippi 3:20.9
1997 Holmes D G Second Five Syndicate Barry Purdon 3:20.1
1996 The Court Owl W G Kitcher, G W Hutchison Mark Purdon 3:25.7
1996 Lavros Star R M Cameron, Kypros Kotzikas Anthony Butt 3:23.4
1995 Il Vicolo J H Seaton, M Purdon Mark Purdon 3:28.1
1994 Ginger Man G W Brodie Barry Purdon 3:23.3
1993 Hitchcock L G Christensen, W R Pengelly, others Barry Purdon 3:23.0
1992 Rainbow Fella T J Hackett, R J Hall Richard Brosnan 3:28.2
1991 Sogo Parnell Syndicate Barry Purdon 3:23.5
1990 Christopher Vance R R Reid, Lorna Reid Syndicate, Mrs J C Reid Tony Herlihy 3:23.3
1989 Inky Lord G M Saunders Ricky May 3:29.9
1988 Godfrey R O Baynes, Mrs B M Ludke Tony Herlihy 3:22.5
1987 Race Ruler A E Wallis, L W Giraud Maurice McKendry 3:25.2
1986 Laser Lad G Calderwood, B Vickery, others Peter Jones 3:25.6
1985 Nardinski B J, B R, D J & Mrs Smolenski J W Smolenski 3:28.9
1984 Royden Glen R A McKenzie W F Fletcher 3:29.6
1983 Mighty Me C W & Mrs S M McLachlan R M Cameron 3:31.2
1982 Mel's Boy P J & Est B L Robertson J W Smolenski 3:26
1981 Melton Monarch J S Dalgety B Purdon 3:30.9
1980 Armbro Wings S K & J A Somerville & A L Milne C J De Filippi 3:36.3
1979 Matai Dreamer A L & Mrs N Milne R M Cameron 3:29.8
1978 Main Star A L & Mrs B Kerslake & F Woolley R M Cameron 3:26.8
1977 Sapling R Given & G C Cruickshank D J McNaught 3:28.7
1976 Ripper's Delight Ripper Syndicate A K Holmes 3:32.6
1974 Captain Harcourt E J Bennett P T Wolfenden 3:27.6
1973 Speedy Guest W F Woolley J W Smolenski 3:13.4
1971 Roydon Roux R A McKenzie D R Mangos 3:12.8
1970 Caledonian Garrison H C & J S JStormont J Butcher 3:16.6
1969 First Batch D Mace R J Weatherley 3:14.2
1968 Garcon Roux R A McKenzie J B Noble 3:21.8
1967 Cardinal Garrison Mrs R C Nelmes & P G Trigg R Young 3:10.4
1966 Governor Frost C Hadley P T Wolfenden 2:56.2
1965 Tutta Tryax H S Barry M F Holmes 2:58.2
1964 Golden Oriole M A Butt W R Butt 2:55.2
1963 Scottish Laddie R A McKenzie D R Mangos 2:57.8
1962 Tactile A J & D P Dynes D J Townley 3:11.2
1961 Waitaki Hanover F Smith P T Wolfenden 3:15.6
1960 King Hal C E Dillon D G Jones 3:23.6
1959 Sun Chief S Easton D J Townley 3:14.2
1958 Call Boy C E Blackwell R C Purdon 3:17.2
1957 Firmament W Hosking F Smith jnr 3:22-3
1956 Guiseppe H M Allen & L J R Barrett H M Allen 3:25.4
1955 Canyon R B Levy A B Levy 3:20.2
1954 Celestial W Hosking J K Hughes 3:18
1953 Scottish Brigade C C Scott J B Scott 3:16
1952 Macall K D Fraser D G Jones 3:21.4
1951 Fabius J S Shaw J S Shaw 3:19.2
1950 Johnny Globe D G Nyhan D G Nyhan 3:17.2
1949 Soangetaha Mrs M A Ryland D G Jones 3:20.4
1948 Chamfer D McFarlane M F Holmes 3:19
1947 Sir Vivian P V Flexman R Young 3:18.4
1946 Snowflake L F Berkett L F Berkett 3:19
1945 Local Gold J H Parsons A B Holmes 3:21.4
1944 Acropolis T J Atkinson R B Berry 3:29.6
1944 Josie Dell F A Bridgens G Gray 3:25.2
1943 Golden Shadow T Rothwell J Bryce jnr 3:23
1942 Symphony E G Bridgens F J Smith 3:24
1941 Peter'S Find A W Bailey G T Mitchell 3:24
1940 Bonniedene Mesdames G Young & G Downes F J Smith 3:32.4
1939 Contender J T Paul J T Paul 3:28
1938 Horsepower G Rosenbaum R B Berry 3:38
1936 Parisienne R Revell R B Berry 3:30.6
1935 Valdor S W Kelly R B Berry 3:22.6
1934 Subsidy W J Doyle W J Doyle 3:23.2
1933 Chancellor E G & F A Bridgens F J Smith 3:27.4
1932 Indianapolis G J Barton E C McDermott 3:26
1931 Tempest G J Barton W J Tomkinson 3:30
1930 Red Shadow Deyell & Neale J Bryce 3:20.4
1929 Great Parrish J T Paul J T Paul 3:30.6
1928 Wrackler H F Nicoll M F Holmes 3:35.4
1927 Daphne de Oro J Washington F Holmes 3:34.6
1926 Great Peter J W Tims J T Paul 3:30
1925 Nantwich H F Nicoll A Hendricksen 3:29.6
1924 Glenelg C M Ollivier A Butterfield 3:33.4
1923 Taurekareka R M Morten J Bryce 3:29
1922 Acron J R McKenzie J J Kennerley 3:29.2
1921 Great Hope R McMillan R A McMillan 3:31
1920 Nelson Derby G Craw J G Robertson 3:32.2
1919 Lady Switin H F Nicoll F Holmes 3:35.6
1918 Locanda Dillon W H Robbins A Pringle 3:31.4
1917 President Wilson F J Remington A Hendricksen 3:34.6
1916 Chid W B Masham J Bryce 3:36.6

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