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Grooming A Horse

Grooming A HorseHow to Groom A Horse


















Are you a horse lover? Do you want to learn how to groom a horse? Heres how:

Things You’ll Need:

A Horse

Step 1:
First, gather all brushes and put them in a grooming box close but not to close to where your horse is tied.

Step 2:
Next, you need to start with brushing with a curry comb is a circular motion on the horses coat.

Step 3:
After the curry comb is the hard bristled brush just brush the horse in a diagonal/straight motion.

Step 4:
Then you need to use the soft brush for sheen in a diagonal/straight motion.

Step 5:
After that you need to brush the horses hair with a hair brush and then pick your horses hooves but make sure not to scrape out the frog only the dirt and rocks. Make sure not to leave rocky debree.

Tips & Warnings:

Sometimes a scraper for the horses body is nesseccary to get caked on dirt.
Make sure if this is your first time you have experianced supervision.
Do not brush too hard


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