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Grosse Europa-Meile

The Grosse Europa-Meile is a Group 2 flat horse race in Germany which is open to thoroughbreds aged three years or older. It is run at Galopprennbahn Cologne-Weidenpesch, Cologne over a distance of 1,600 metres (about 1 mile), and it is scheduled to take place each year in late September.

The event was originally known as the Kaufhof-Preis, and in the early part of its history its distance varied between 1,800 and 2,200 metres. Its present length was set in 1972, and from this point it was classed at Group 3 level. It was titled the Elite-Preis from 1983 to 1990, and it was promoted to Group 2 status in 1989.

Winners since 1988






1988 Alkalde 3 Dragan Ilic Peter Lautner 1:41.18
1989 Alkalde 4 Lutz Mäder Peter Lautner 1:41.40
1990 Mirror Black 4 Billy Newnes Peter Makin 1:44.50
1991 Itsabrahma 5 Gunnar Nordling Ewy Nordling 1:36.35
1992 Rezon 4 Waldemar Hickst A. M. Schawujew 1:36.53
1993 Nasr Allah 3 Andrasch Starke Fredy Scheffer 1:43.88
1994 Erminius 3 Kevin Woodburn Peter Rau 1:37.14
1995 A Magicman 3 Neil Grant Hartmut Steguweit 1:34.95
1996 Accento 3 Andreas Helfenbein Ralf Suerland 1:38.39
1997 Power Flame 4 Andreas Boschert Andreas Wöhler 1:36.58
1998 Power Flame 5 Andreas Boschert Andreas Wöhler 1:36.03
1999 El Divino 4 Georg Bocskai Mario Hofer 1:38.39
2000 Bernardon [1] 4 Terence Hellier Peter Schiergen 1:40.48
2001 Aghnoyoh 3 Thierry Gillet Tony Clout 1:41.07
2002 Royal Dragon 4 L. Hammer-Hansen Peter Schiergen 1:36.47
2003 Peppercorn 6 Torsten Mundry Uwe Ostmann 1:36.83
2004 Eagle Rise 4 Terence Hellier Andreas Schütz 1:41.06
2005 Anna Monda 3 Torsten Mundry Peter Rau 1:37.17
2006 Lateral 3 William Mongil Peter Schiergen 1:35.08
2007 König Turf 5 Torsten Mundry Christian Sprengel 1:35.41
2008 Precious Boy 3 Adrie de Vries Waldemar Hickst 1:37.46
2009 Premio Loco 5 George Baker Chris Wall 1:35.21

1 Banyumanik finished first in 2000, but he was relegated to second place following a Stewards' Inquiry.


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