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Grosser Preis der Freien Hansestadt Bremen

The Grosser Preis der Freien Hansestadt Bremen was a Group 3 flat horse race in Germany which was open to thoroughbreds aged three years or older. It was run at Bremen over a distance of 1,600 metres (about 1 mile), and it was scheduled to take place each year in late October or early November.

The event was given Group status in 2002, and it continued annually until 2007. The final edition was staged at Hanover, where it was titled the Grosser Preis des Autoring Hannover.

Winners 2002–07






2002 Up and Away 8 Alexander Pietsch Erika Mäder 1:40.47
2003 Capital Secret 6 Marc Timpelan Mario Hofer 1:41.25
2004 Tiberius Caesar 4 Andreas Suborics Peter Schiergen 1:37.96
2005 König Turf 3 Torsten Mundry Christian Sprengel 1:38.85
2006 Lucidor 3 Eduardo Pedroza Erika Mäder 1:37.39
2007 Mharadono [1] 4 Wladimir Panov Peter Hirschberger 1:46.59

1 The 2007 running took place at Hanover.


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