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Grosser Preis von Düsseldorf

The Grosser Preis von Düsseldorf is a Group 3 flat horse race in Germany which is open to thoroughbreds aged three years or older. It is run at Düsseldorf over a distance of 1,700 metres (1 mile and 99 yards), and it is scheduled to take place each year in October.

The event was formerly contested over 2,400 metres, and it used to be restricted to horses aged four or older. For a period it was scheduled to be run in the first half of the season. The European race-grading system started to include German events in 1972, and the Grosser Preis von Düsseldorf was given Group 2 status.

The race was cut to 2,200 metres in 1979, and its present distance was introduced in 1983. It was opened to three-year-olds in 1985, and at the same time it was rescheduled to take place in the autumn. It was downgraded to Group 3 level in 1998. The event has been known as the Grosser Preis der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf since 2002.

Winners since 1985






1985 Young Runaway 3 Greville Starkey Guy Harwood 1:46.60
1986 Eve's Error 3 Walter Swinburn Michael Stoute 1:43.50
1987 Zampano 3 Andrzej Tylicki Heinz Jentzsch 1:43.40
1988 Seratino 5 Olaf Schick Uwe Ostmann 1:50.00
1989 Royal Touch 4 Willie Ryan John Hammond 1:49.45
1990 Zille 5 Peter Schiergen Jutta Schultheis 1:51.10
1991 Redden Burn 3 Willie Ryan Henry Cecil 1:48.29
1992 Lucky Lindy 3 Brian Rouse Richard Hannon 1:45.13
1993 Port Lucaya 3 Frankie Dettori Richard Hannon 1:49.60
1994 Risen Raven 3 Peter Schiergen Heinz Jentzsch 1:46.12
1995 Tres Heureux 5 L. Hammer-Hansen Erika Mäder 1:49.45
1996 Village Storm 6 Terence Hellier Søren Jensen 1:47.80
1997 Crimson Tide 3 Michael Hills John Hills 1:47.35
1998 Tres Heureux 8 Georg Bocskai Erika Mäder 1:51.19
1999 Page's King 4 Alessandro Schikora Waldemar Himmel 1:47.00
2000 Peppercorn 3 Pascal van de Keere Uwe Ostmann 1:47.98
2001 Peppercorn 4 Torsten Mundry Uwe Ostmann 1:51.28
2002 Love Regardless 3 Keith Dalgleish Mark Johnston 1:46.45
2003 Medici 3 Jean-Pierre Carvalho Mario Hofer 1:48.70
2004 Peppercorn 7 Peter Heugl Uwe Ostmann 1:45.21
2005 Common World 6 Robert Burke Tom Hogan 1:45.05
2006 Wiesenpfad 3 Andreas Suborics Waldemar Hickst 1:47.41
2007 Mharadono 4 Wladimir Panov Peter Hirschberger 1:46.45
2008 Apollo Star 6 Stéphane Pasquier Lenka Horakova 1:43.22
2009 Schutzenjunker 4 Daniele Porcu Uwe Ostmann 1:46.80


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