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Gulfstream Park Handicap top three finishers and starters

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the Gulfstream Park Handicap, an American Grade 1 race for four year-olds and up at 1-3/16 miles on the dirt held at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida.[1] (List 1973–present)

Year Winner Second Third Starters
2010 n/a
2009 Smooth Air n/a
2008 Sir Whimsey Fairbanks Kiss the Kid 5
2007 Corinthian Hesanoldsalt A. P. Arrow 6
2006 Harlington Contante It's No Joke 8
2005 Eddington Pies Prospect Zakocity 8
2004 Jackpot Newfoundland The Lady's Groom 6
2003 Hero's Tribute Aeneas Puzzlement 8
2002 Hal's Hope Mongoose Sir Bear 5
2001 Sir Bear Pleasant Breeze Broken Vow 9
2000 Behrens Adonis With Antucipation 6
1999 Behrens Archers Bay Sir Bear 8
1998 Skip Away Unruled Behrens 6
1997 Mt. Sassafras Skip Away Tejano Run 6
1996 Wekiva Springs Star Standard Powerful Punch 8
1995 Cigar Pride of Burkaan Mahogany Hall 11
1994 Scuffleburg Migrating Moon Wallenda 10
1993 Devil His Due Offbeat Pistols and Roses 9
1992 Sea Cadet Strike the Gold Sunny Sunrise 6
1991 Jolie's Halo Primal Chief Honcho 8
1990 Mi Selecto Tour d'Or Lay Down 8
1989 Slew City Slew Bold Midway Cryptoclearance 7
1988 Jade Hunter Cryptoclearance Creme Fraiche 6
1987 Skip Trial Creme Fraiche Snow Chief 4
1986 Skip Trial Proud Truth Important Business 5
1985 Dr. Carter Key to the Mint Pine Circle 8
1984 Mat-Boy Lord Darley Courteous Majesty 7
1983 Christmas Past Crafty Prospector Rivalero 12
1982 Lord Darnley Joanie's Chief Double Sonic 9
1981 Hurry Up Blue Yosi Boy Imperial Dilemma 9
1980 Private Account Lot o' Gold Silent Cal 7
1979 Sensitive Prince Jumping Hill Silent Cal 7
1978 Bowl Game True Statement Silver Series 11
1977 Strike Me Lucky Legion Yamanin 12
1976 Hail the Pirates Legion Packer Captain 7
1975 Gold and Myrrh Proud and Bold Buffalo Lark 9
1974 Forego True Knight Golden Don 6
1973 West Coast Scout Super Sail Freetex 10

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  1. Stakes Histories, The Original Racing Almanac 2009, page 324 on June 26, 2008.


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