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Handling A Speed Demon

Got a "speed demon" who won't slow down from a trot?  Well, that can be fixed!


Begin by riding your horse at the walk in your arena or round pen.  Ride one half lap or so; then ask him for a "whoa", and let him rest. When he's nice and relaxed, repeat  the walk to whoa transition. What you want him to do is to get into the habit of slowing down. Do this exercise several times; Walk...whoa. Walk...whoa. You will want to practice this when your horse is totally tuned into you and stops the second that you relax and sit down; and before you ever really need to pick up your reins.


Now that he's got the idea of a downward transition, let's try walk, trot, walk. Ask your horse to walk, then trot. Since he needs to learn to jog, only allow him a couple of strides at the trot. Now, before he begins to pick up any speed ask him to walk. If you get the feeling that he wants to speed up more, go all the way down to whoa again. It's also a good idea to do a couple of walk, trot, walk, whoa and back-up transitions, if he's still wanting to go too fast.


Be persistent and do these exercises at least 4 to 5 times a week, You are certain to get the results that you are looking for! 

........Christy Mellington


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