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The Hansa-Preis is a Group 2 flat horse race in Germany which is open to thoroughbreds aged three years or older. It is run at Horner Rennbahn, Hamburg, over a distance of 2,400 metres (about 1½ miles), and it is scheduled to take place each year in late June.

The event was established in 1892, and it was originally called the Grosser Hansa-Preis. It was temporarily known as the Jubiläums-Preis (the "Anniversary Prize") in both 1902 and 1927. It was held at Dresden in 1944, but aside from cancellations it has otherwise continually taken place at Hamburg. For much of its history the race was contested over 2,200 metres. It was classed at Group 2 level in 1972, and its distance was extended to 2,400 metres in 2008.

Winners since 1980






1980 Toscarimus 3 Lutz Mäder Bruno Schütz 2:40.20
1981 Königsstuhl 5 Peter Alafi Sven von Mitzlaff 2:28.40
1982 Orofino 4 Peter Alafi Sven von Mitzlaff 2:19.90
1983 Orofino 5 Peter Alafi Sven von Mitzlaff 2:20.60
1984 Ordos 4 Peter Alafi Sven von Mitzlaff 2:29.80
1985 Daun 4 Pat Gilson Theo Grieper 2:30.70
1986 Tommy Way 3 Brent Thomson John Dunlop 2:16.50
1987 Acatenango 5 Georg Bocskai Heinz Jentzsch 2:27.90


Astylos (DH) 4 Georg Bocskai Heinz Jentzsch 2:16.65


El Salto (DH) 5 Andrzej Tylicki Heinz Jentzsch 2:16.65
1989 Filia Ardross 3 Lutz Mäder Bruno Schütz 2:18.70
1990 Turfkönig 4 Georg Bocskai Uwe Ostmann 2:21.50
1991 Indica 4 Manfred Hofer Raimund Prinzinger 2:27.30
1992 Lomitas 4 Andreas Boschert Andreas Wöhler 2:18.80
1993 Carlton 4 Andrzej Tylicki Heinz Jentzsch 2:23.30
1994 Lando 4 Peter Schiergen Heinz Jentzsch 2:14.40
1995 Monsun [1] 5 Peter Schiergen Heinz Jentzsch 2:16.20
1996 Protektor 7 Neil Grant Andreas Löwe 2:20.84
1997 Oxalagu 5 Andrasch Starke Bruno Schütz 2:27.72
1998 Elle Danzig 3 Stanley Chin Andreas Schütz 2:26.80
1999 Caitano 5 Andrasch Starke Andreas Schütz 2:14.02
2000 Flamingo Road 4 Andrasch Starke Andreas Schütz 2:31.34
2001 Aeskulap 4 Andreas Helfenbein Hans Blume 2:18.60
2002 Simoun 4 Andreas Suborics Peter Schiergen 2:32.80
2003 Aolus 4 Andrasch Starke Andreas Schütz 2:17.80
2004 Rotteck 4 Jean-Pierre Carvalho Hartmut Steguweit 2:24.63
2005 Simonas [2] 6 Eduardo Pedroza Andreas Wöhler 2:20.37
2006 Egerton 5 Terence Hellier Peter Rau 2:16.82
2007 Schiaparelli 4 Andrasch Starke Peter Schiergen 2:31.75
2008 Egerton 7 Torsten Mundry Peter Rau 2:34.53
2009 Flamingo Fantasy 4 Andreas Suborics Waldemar Hickst 2:28.17

1 Germany finished first in 1995, but he was relegated to second place following a Stewards' Inquiry.
2 Soldier Hollow finished first in 2005, but he was placed second after a Stewards' Inquiry.


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