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Hawthorne Gold Cup Handicap

Grade II race
Hawthorne Gold Cup Handicap
Location Hawthorne Race Course
Stickney/Cicero, Illinois, USA
Inaugurated 1928
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website Hawthorne Race Course
Race information
Distance 1¼ miles (10 furlongs)
Track Dirt, Left-handed
Qualification Three-year-olds and up
Weight Handicap
Purse $500,000

The Hawthorne Gold Cup Handicap is a Grade II race for thoroughbred horses run at Hawthorne Race Course in Stickney, Illinois each year. The Hawthorne Gold Cup trophy has always been made of solid gold.

The Hawthorne Gold Cup is currently a Grade II event open to horses, age three and up, willing to race one and one-quarter miles (ten furlongs) on the dirt and carries a purse of $500,000.

The Hawthorne Gold Cup was not run in 1934 and 1936 as a result of the Great Depression, not during World War II from 1940 through 1945, and not in 1978 when the grandstand was destroyed by fire. While the facilities were being rebuilt, the 1979 race was held at nearby Sportsman's Park.

Historically, a premier race of the season that attracted the best horses from across the United States, U.S. Hall of Fame horse Sun Beau won it three times in a row between 1929 and 1931. Other Hall of Fame iductees have their name on the Gold Cup, including Equipoise (1933), Discovery (1935), Challedon (1936), Round Table, who won it back-to-back in 1957 and 1958, Kelso (1960) and Dr. Fager in 1967.

In 1959, Day Court, ridden by Henry Moreno, set a new track record in winning the race, a record that stood until Ron Turcotte broke it again in 1970 aboard Gladwin.

In 1979, the race was run at 9 furlongs.


Time record: (at current 1¼ miles distance)

  • 1:59. 4/5 - Gladwin (1970) and Group Plan (1974)

Largest Winning Margin:

Most wins:

Most wins by an owner:

  • 3 - Walmac Farm (1948, 1949, 1955)

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a Trainer:

  • 3 - Howard Wells (1948, 1949, 1950)









2009 Awesome Gem 6 David Flores Craig Dollase West Point Thoroughbreds 2:04.36
2008 Fairbanks 5 Richard Migliore Todd Pletcher Team Valor 2:04.57
2007 Student Council 5 Richard Migliore Steve Asmussen Millennium Farms 2:05.00
2006 It's No Joke 4 Eddie Razo, Jr. Rebecca Maker Stan Fulton 2:03.89
2005 Super Frolic 5 Victor Espinoza Vladimir Cerin Millennium Farms 2:04.66
2004 Freefourinternet 6 Greta Kuntzweiler Michael J. Maker Equirace.com 2:03.34
2003 Perfect Drift 4 Pat Day Murray Johnson Stonecrest Farm 2:03.63
2002 Hail The Chief 5 Jorge Chavez Niall O'Callaghan Peter M. Crane 2:02.80
2001 Duckhorn 4 Randall Meier Patrick B. Byrne Michael Tabor 2:01.61
2000 Dust On The Bottle 5 Tim Doocy Glenn Hild Sharon Hild 2:03.09
1999 Supreme Sound 5 Randall Meier Michael W. Dickinson Peter Harris 2:01.19
1998 Awesome Again 4 Pat Day Patrick B. Byrne Stronach Stables 2:02.71
1997 Buck's Boy 4 Mark Guidry Hilary Pridham Quarter B Farm 2:00.54
1996 Come On Flip 5 Christopher Emigh Lou Goldfine R. Ackerman & S. Sommer 2:03.40
1995 Yourmissinthepoint 4 Mark Guidry Steve Klesaris Mark Parezo 2:01.00
1994 Recoup The Cash 4 Juvenal L. Diaz Jere R. Smith, Sr. Richard Trebat 2:01.99
1993 Evanescent 6 Aaron Gryder Lou Goldfine Mark Levy 2:02.19
1992 Irish Swap 5 Bruce Poyadou Joseph E. Broussard Randy Hendricks 2:01.12
1991 Sunny Sunrise 4 Chris Antley Bud Delp Harry & Mary Jo Meyerhoff 2:04.10
1990 Black Tie Affair 4 Juvenal L. Diaz Ernie T. Poulos Jeff Sullivan 2:03.40
1989 Cryptoclearance 5 Jose Santos Scotty Schulhofer Philip Teinowitz 2:00.40
1988 Cryptoclearance 4 Jose Santos Scotty Schulhofer Philip Teinowitz 2:00.20
1987 Nostalgia's Star 5 Fernando Toro Jay M. Robbins Hinds, Robbins & Duckett 2:02.00
1986 Ends Well 5 Randy Romero Robert Reinacher, Jr. Greentree Stable 2:00.60
1985 Garthorn 5 Rafael Meza Robert J. Frankel Ann & Jerry Moss 2:01.80
1984 Proof 4 Ed Delahoussaye Robert J. Frankel Bertram R. Firestone/Jerry Moss 2:01.20
1983 Water Bank 4 Chris Lamance Robert J. Frankel Elmendorf Farm 2:01.40
1982 Recusant 4 Ronald Hirdes, Jr. Mike Ball Donamire Farms 2:01.80
1981 Spruce Bouquet 4 Kerwin Clark Roy C. Wood, Jr. Dan O. Wolfe 2:04.20
1980 Tunerup 4 Jorge Vasquez F. Fernandez Daybreak Farm 2:00.60
1979 Young Bob 4 Ron Turcotte Gerard McGrath J. A. Logan 1:51.00
1977 On The Sly 4 Gregg McCarron Mel Gross Balmak Stable 2:01.60
1976 Almost Grown 4 Michael Morgan Jack Van Berg Flash III Stable 2:01.60
1975 Royal Glint 5 Jorge Tejeira Gordon R. Potter Dan Lasater 2:02.20
1974 Group Plan 4 Jorge Velasquez H. Allen Jerkens Hobeau Farm 1:58.80
1973 Tri Jet 4 Braulio Baeza Thomas W. Kelley Fred W. Hooper 2:01.40
1972 Droll Role 4 Eddie Maple Thomas J. Kelly John M. Schiff 2:00.40
1971 Twice Worthy 4 Laffit Pincay, Jr. James P. Conway Saddle Rock Farm 1:59.40
1970 Gladwin 4 Ron Turcotte Evan Jackson H. Harcourt 1:58.80
1969 Nodouble 4 Eddie Belmonte J. Bert Sonnier Verna Lea Farm 1:59.80
1968 Nodouble 3 Martinez Heath J. Bert Sonnier Verna Lea Farm 1:59.20
1967 Dr. Fager 3 Braulio Baeza John A. Nerud Tartan Stable 2:01.20
1966 Bold Bidder 4 Pete D. Anderson Woody Stephens John R. Gaines 2:02.60
1965 Moss Vale 4 Ronnie Baldwin Sam J. Molay Gentilly Stable 2:07.80
1964 Going Abroad 4 Ray Broussard Joseph H. Pierce, Jr. Edward & Harry Seltzer 2:01.60
1963 Admiral Vic 3 Mickey Solomone Peter J. Dispenza Sunny Blue Farm 2:03.60
1962 Beau Purple 5 William Boland H. Allen Jerkens Hobeau Farm 2:04.20
1961 T. V. Lark 4 Johnny Longden Paul K. Parker Preston W. Madden 2:02.60
1960 Kelso 3 Eddie Arcaro Carl H. Hanford Bohemia Stable 2:02.00
1959 Day Court 4 Henry Moreno Walter A. Kelley Elmendorf Farm 1:59.20
1958 Round Table 4 Bill Shoemaker William Molter Kerr Stable 1:59.80
1957 Round Table 3 Willie Harmatz William Molter Kerr Stable 2:00.20
1956 Dedicate 4 William Boland G. Carey Winfrey Jan Burke 2:02.40
1955 Hasseyampa 4 Billie Fisk John J. Greely, Jr. Walmac Farm 2:04.80
1954 Rejected 4 Eric Guerin Max Hirsch King Ranch 2:11.60
1953 Sub Fleet 4 Steve Brooks Jack C. Hodgins Dixiana Farm 2:00.60
1952 To Market 4 William Boland William J. Hirsch King Ranch 2:01.40
1951 Seaward 6 Avelino Gomez Harry Trotsek Hasty House Farm 2:04.20
1950 Dr. Ole Nelson 4 Gerald Porch Howard Wells M. A. & R. Saffir 2:01.40
1949 Volcanic 4 Angel Rivera Howard Wells Walmac Farm 2:02.80
1948 Billings 3 Melvin Peterson Howard Wells Walmac Farm 2:06.00
1947 Be Faithful 5 Willie Garner H. H. Pete Battle Mrs. E. E. Dale Shaffer 2:03.20
1946 Jack's Jill 4 Jesse Higley John Milton Goode Joseph A. Goodwin 2:03.00
1939 Challedon 3 Harry Richards Louis J. Schaefer William L. Brann 2:03.20
1938 Esposa 6 Nick Wall Matthew P. Brady William Ziegler, Jr. 2:13.80
1937 Sahri II 6 Fred A. Smith Jose Cuevas Lawrence Barker 2:04.20
1935 Discovery 4 John Bejshak Bud Stotler Alfred G. Vanderbilt II 2:04.40
1933 Equipose 5 Raymond Workman Thomas J. Healey C. V. Whitney 2:02.80
1932 Plucky Play 5 George Woolf Woody Fitzgerald Northway Stable 2:04.20
1931 Sun Beau 6 Charles Kurtsinger Jack Whyte Willis Sharpe Kilmer NF
1930 Sun Beau 5 Frank Coltiletti W. S. Crawford Willis Sharpe Kilmer NF
1929 Sun Beau 4 Frank Coltiletti Andy Schuttinger Willis Sharpe Kilmer 2:01.60
1928 Display 5 John Maiben Thomas J. Healey Walter J. Salmon, Sr. 2:03.00



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