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Haydock Sprint Cup

Group 1 race
Sprint Cup
Location Haydock Park
Haydock, England
Inaugurated 1966
Race type Flat / Thoroughbred
Sponsor Betfred
Website Haydock Park
Race information
Distance 6f (1,207 metres)
Track Turf, straight
Qualification Three-years-old and up
Weight 9 st 1 lb (3yo);
9 st 3 lb (4yo+)
3 lb for fillies and mares
Purse £275,000 (2009)
1st: £163,810

The Sprint Cup is a Group 1 flat horse race in Great Britain which is open to thoroughbreds aged three years or older. It is run at Haydock Park over a distance of 6 furlongs (1,207 metres), and it is scheduled to take place each year in early September.

The event was established in 1966, and it was originally open to horses aged two or older. It was devised by Robert Sangster, the heir to the Vernons Pools business, who was subsequently a leading racehorse owner and breeder. During the early part of its history the race was sponsored by Vernons, and it was held in early November. It was initially contested on a course with a sharp left-hand bend.

The Sprint Cup was switched to September in 1979, and it was transferred to a newly-installed straight 6-furlong track in 1986. The race was promoted to Group 1 status in 1988, and this was the last year that it was sponsored by Vernons. For a period the event was closed to two-year-olds, but it was reopened to this age group in 1989. Juveniles were excluded again in 1994.



Most successful horse (2 wins):

  • Be Friendly – 1966, 1967

Leading jockey (3 wins):

  • Lester PiggottGreen God (1971), Abergwaun (1972), Moorestyle (1980)
  • Pat EdderyRecord Token (1976), Dowsing (1988), Danehill (1989)
  • Bruce Raymond – Runnett (1981), Petong (1984), Sheikh Albadou (1992)

Leading trainer (4 wins):

  • John DunlopRunnett (1981), Habibti (1983), Lavinia Fontana (1994), Invincible Spirit (2002)

Leading owner (4 wins):

  • Sheikh MohammedAjdal (1987), Wolfhound (1993), Cherokee Rose (1995), Goodricke (2005)








1966 Be Friendly 2 Colin Williams Cyril Mitchell Peter O'Sullevan 1:16.40
1967 Be Friendly 3 Scobie Breasley Cyril Mitchell Peter O'Sullevan 1:18.00
1968 no race 1968 [1]
1969 Tudor Music 3 Frankie Durr Michael Jarvis David Robinson 1:14.80
1970 Golden Orange 4 Jimmy Lindley Ken Cundell Lady Clifden 1:15.60
1971 Green God 3 Lester Piggott Michael Jarvis David Robinson 1:15.90
1972 Abergwaun 4 Lester Piggott Vincent O'Brien Charles St. George 1:16.16
1973 The Blues 2 Richard Marshall Bill Marshall G. van der Ploeg 1:17.10
1974 Princely Son 5 Johnny Seagrave Ken Cundell Wilfred Sherman 1:21.75
1975 Lianga 4 Yves Saint-Martin Angel Penna, Sr. Daniel Wildenstein 1:18.61
1976 Record Token 4 Pat Eddery Peter Walwyn Sir H. Ingham 1:19.50
1977 Boldboy 7 Willie Carson Dick Hern Lady Beaverbrook 1:19.21
1978 Absalom 3 Taffy Thomas Ryan Jarvis Mrs C. Alington 1:17.99
1979 Double Form 4 Geoff Lewis F. Johnson Houghton Baroness H. Thyssen 1:12.72
1980 Moorestyle 3 Lester Piggott Robert Armstrong Moores Furnishings Ltd 1:14.81
1981 Runnett 4 Bruce Raymond John Dunlop Miss V. Evans 1:14.14
1982 Indian King 4 Greville Starkey Guy Harwood J. Levy 1:12.51
1983 Habibti 3 Willie Carson John Dunlop Mohamed Mutawa 1:15.31
1984 Petong 4 Bruce Raymond Michael Jarvis Tom Warner 1:13.17
1985 Orojoya 3 Brent Thomson Jeremy Hindley Robert Sangster 1:16.24
1986 Green Desert 3 Walter Swinburn Michael Stoute Maktoum Al Maktoum 1:14.82
1987 Ajdal 3 Walter Swinburn Michael Stoute Sheikh Mohammed 1:14.87
1988 Dowsing 4 Pat Eddery Jeremy Tree Khalid Abdullah 1:17.24
1989 Danehill 3 Pat Eddery Jeremy Tree Khalid Abdullah 1:12.75
1990 Dayjur 3 Willie Carson Dick Hern Hamdan Al Maktoum 1:12.50
1991 Polar Falcon 4 Cash Asmussen John Hammond David Thompson 1:11.23
1992 Sheikh Albadou 4 Bruce Raymond Alex Scott Hilal Salem 1:14.17
1993 Wolfhound 4 Michael Roberts John Gosden Sheikh Mohammed 1:10.98
1994 Lavinia Fontana 5 Jason Weaver John Dunlop Cyril Humphris 1:11.42
1995 Cherokee Rose 4 Cash Asmussen John Hammond Sheikh Mohammed 1:13.74
1996 Iktamal 4 Willie Ryan Ed Dunlop Maktoum Al Maktoum 1:09.92
1997 Royal Applause 4 Michael Hills Barry Hills Maktoum Al Maktoum 1:14.46
1998 Tamarisk 3 Tim Sprake Roger Charlton Highclere Racing Ltd 1:11.30
1999 Diktat 4 Frankie Dettori Saeed bin Suroor Godolphin 1:11.04
2000 Pipalong 4 Kevin Darley Tim Easterby T. H. Bennett 1:15.49
2001 Nuclear Debate 6 Gérald Mossé John Hammond Bob Chester 1:15.39
2002 Invincible Spirit 5 John Carroll John Dunlop Prince A. A. Faisal 1:12.44
2003 Somnus 3 Ted Durcan Tim Easterby Lady Legard et al. 1:13.49
2004 Tante Rose 4 Richard Hughes Roger Charlton Bjorn Nielsen 1:11.58
2005 Goodricke 3 Jamie Spencer David Loder Sheikh Mohammed 1:10.87
2006 Reverence 5 Kevin Darley Eric Alston G. & L. Middlebrook 1:15.78
2007 Red Clubs 4 Michael Hills Barry Hills Ronald Arculli 1:13.11
2008 African Rose [2] 3 Stéphane Pasquier Criquette Head-Maarek Khalid Abdullah 1:12.81
2009 Regal Parade 5 Adrian Nicholls David Nicholls Dab Hand Racing 1:13.74

1 The race was abandoned in 1968 because of fog.
2 The 2008 running took place at Doncaster.


  • The Breedon Book of Horse Racing Records. Breedon Books. 1993. p. 163. ISBN 1-873626-15-0. 

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