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Haynes, Hanson and Clark Conditions Stakes

The Haynes, Hanson and Clark Conditions Stakes is a flat horse race in Great Britain which is open to two-year-old thoroughbreds. It is run at Newbury over a distance of 1 mile (1,609 metres), and it is scheduled to take place each year in September.

The race is named after its long-term sponsor, the wine merchant Haynes, Hanson and Clark. It has often provided an early sighting of subsequent equine stars – past winners include Henbit (1979), Shergar (1980) and Rainbow Quest (1983). Another participant was Shahrastani, the runner-up in 1985.

Future champions have appeared less frequently in the race since the late 1980s. The most notable winners of this period are Unfuwain, King's Theatre and Nayef. Defeated horses have included Snurge, White Muzzle, Millenary and Red Rocks. The 2006 race was contested by both Authorized (3rd) and Aqaleem (2nd), subsequently first and third in the following year's Derby.

Winners since 1986





1986 Thameen Tony Murray Harry Thomson Jones 1:41.15
1987 Unfuwain Willie Carson Dick Hern 1:39.88
1988 Star Shareef [1] Bruce Raymond John Dunlop 1:39.90
1989 Tanfith Geoff Baxter Robert Armstrong 1:40.60
1990 Prince Russanor Simon Whitworth John Dunlop 1:44.17
1991 Zinaad Pat Eddery Michael Stoute 1:39.65
1992 Pembroke Steve Cauthen John Gosden 1:44.47
1993 King's Theatre Willie Ryan Henry Cecil 1:43.94
1994 Munwar Richard Hills Peter Walwyn 1:44.78
1995 Mick's Love Michael Roberts Mark Johnston 1:42.47
1996 King Sound Willie Ryan John Gosden 1:38.96
1997 Duck Row Seb Sanders James Toller 1:43.81
1998 Boatman Pat Eddery Roger Charlton 1:40.80
1999 Ethmaar Tim Sprake Marcus Tregoning 1:37.74
2000 Nayef Richard Hills Marcus Tregoning 1:40.53
2001 Fight Your Corner Kevin Darley Mark Johnston 1:38.47
2002 Saturn Jamie Spencer Michael Bell 1:39.19
2003 Elshadi Martin Dwyer Marcus Tregoning 1:39.29
2004 Merchant Richard Mullen Michael Bell 1:40.25
2005 Winged Cupid Kevin Darley Mark Johnston 1:37.50
2006 Teslin Kevin Darley Mark Johnston 1:40.44
2007 Centennial Jimmy Fortune John Gosden 1:40.08
2008 Taameer Hayley Turner Marcus Tregoning 1:41.19
2009 Ameer Frankie Dettori Saeed bin Suroor 1:38.68

1 Moonfish finished first in 1988, but he was relegated to second place following a Stewards' Inquiry.


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