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Heroes Handicap Hurdle

The Heroes Handicap Hurdle is a Grade 3 National Hunt hurdle race in Great Britain which is open to horses aged four years or older. It is run at Sandown Park over a distance of about 2 miles and 6 furlongs (4,426 metres), and during its running there are eleven hurdles to be jumped. It is a handicap race, and it is scheduled to take place each year in late January or early February.

The race was established in 1986, and it was originally run over 2 miles, 5 furlongs and 75 yards (4,293 metres). This was increased to its present length in 1993. The event's current title was introduced in 2008, prior to which it was known as the Sandown Handicap Hurdle. For much of its history the race has been sponsored by Tote Bookmakers, and its title has promoted such bets as the Tote Jackpot and the Tote Scoop6.


  • Weights given in stones and pounds.







1986 Hooray Henry 6 10-05 Hywel Davies J. B. Sayers
1987 Taberna Lord 6 09-10 Luke Harvey Jim Wilson
1988 Hill-Street-Blues 10 10-02 Stan Moore Jimmy Fox
1989 Special Vintage 9 10-12 Mark Dwyer Jimmy FitzGerald
1990 no race 1990 [1]
1991 Rouyan 5 10-00 W. Morris Rod Simpson
1992 Black Sapphire 5 10-00 Brendan Powell Mark Tompkins
1993 Trainglot 6 10-02 Mark Dwyer Jimmy FitzGerald
1994 Dark Honey 9 09-11 Tony Dicken Simon Dow
1995 Miracle Man 7 10-00 Peter Hobbs Colin Weedon
1996 Trainglot 9 11-01 Richard Dunwoody Jimmy FitzGerald
1997 Tullymurry Toff 6 10-12 Eddie Callaghan Malcolm Jefferson
1998 Buckhouse Boy 8 11-03 Norman Williamson David Nicholson
1999 Teaatral 5 10-02 Dean Gallagher Charles Egerton
2000 Rubhahunish 9 10-06 Jamie Goldstein Nigel Twiston-Davies
2001 The Extra Man 7 10-00 Robert Thornton Mick Ryan
2002 Iris Royal 6 09-11 Marcus Foley Nicky Henderson
2003 Chopneyev 5 10-05 Richard Johnson Richard Phillips
2004 Baracouda 9 11-12 Thierry Doumen François Doumen
2005 Supreme Serenade 6 10-10 Paul Flynn Philip Hobbs
2006 Ungaro 7 10-08 Jim Crowley Keith Reveley
2007 Taranis 6 10-03 Ruby Walsh Paul Nicholls
2008 The Tother One 7 10-09 Sam Thomas Paul Nicholls
2009 Chief Yeoman 9 10-10 Aidan Coleman Venetia Williams
2010 Beshabar 8 09-11 Harry Skelton Paul Nicholls

1 The 1990 running was abandoned because of waterlogging.


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See also

  • Recurring events established in 1986 – this race is included under its former title, Sandown Handicap Hurdle.


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