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Hipodromo do Cristal

Hipódromo do Cristal
Location Porto Alegre, Brazil,
Av. Diario de Noticias s. n.
Date opened 1959
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Notable Races Grande Premio Bento Goncalves Brz- G1

Hipodromo do Cristal (Cristal Racecourse) is the most important center of horse racing in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. It is located at Porto Alegre. It was designed by renowned uruguayan architect Roman Fresnedo Siri. It is regarded as a remarkable example of modern architecture in South America.

Horse races are taking place on Thursday. A major event is the Grande Premio Bento Goncalves (in November).

Notable Races

  • G. P. Estado do Rio Grande do Sul (April, 25), 2200 meters. Listed
  • G. P. Diana (May, 6), 2000 meters. Listed
  • G. P. Taça de Cristal (colt) (June, 24), 1609 meters ( 1 mile) Listed
  • G. P. Taça de Cristal (filly) (June, 24) , 1609 meters (1 mile) Listed
  • G. P. Copa ABCPCC (July , 29 ), 1609 meters (1 mile) Grade 3
  • G. P. Protetora do Turfe (September , 2), 2200 meters Grade 3
  • G. P. ABCPCC (November, 15 de novembro), 1200 meters Listed
  • G. P. Bento Gonçalves (November, 15 ), 2400 meters Grade 1


  • VICENTE MARQUES SANTIAGO & JOSE PINHEIRO BORDA : Relatório apresentado a assembléia geral de sócios biênio 1956/1957. Jockey Club do Rio Grande do Sul.
  • Anna Paula Moura Canez e Eline Maria Moura Pereira, Caixeta Margot, Inês Villas Boas Caruccio, Raquel Rodrigues Lima , Viviane Villas Boas Maglia( Acervos Azevedo Moura & Gertum e João Alberto Fonseca da Silva. . DOCOMO. Memória da Arquitetura Moderna em Porto Alegre

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