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Hiram Tuttle (equestrian)

Olympic medal record

Men's Equestrian
Bronze 1932 Los Angeles Individual dressage
Bronze 1932 Los Angeles Team dressage

Hiram Edwin Tuttle (December 22, 1882 – November 11, 1956) was an American horse rider who competed in the 1932 Summer Olympics and in the 1936 Summer Olympics.


Unlike many of his fellow teammates, Tuttle did not attend West Point but had instead been a lawyer before joining the army to help the war effort. His position was modest, as he worked as a supply officer. He was also one of the few in the army to focus completely on dressage, teaching himself most of the sport due to lack of qualified instructors.

In 1932, he and his horse Olympic won the bronze medal in the individual dressage event as well as in the team dressage competition as member of the American dressage team.

Four years later, he and his horse Si Murray finished ninth as part of the American dressage team in the team dressage competition after finishing 27th in the individual dressage event.

Tuttle owned all his horses privately, rather than using cavalry mounts. This allowed him to train them as he saw fit and prevented them from being used in the strenuous cavalry program that would require jumping and cross-country. All his horses were kept for the duration of their lives.


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