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Hispano (horse)

Alternative names: Spanish Anglo-Arab
Country of origin: Spain
Common nicknames: Tres Sangres ("Three Blood")
Horse (Equus ferus caballus)

The Hispano, also known as the Spanish Anglo-Arab, is a Spanish horse breed.



The Hispano originated in Spain as a result of a cross between Arabian and Andalusian mares and English Thoroughbred stallions. These three bloodlines upon which the breed is formed gave it the nickname of tres sangres, meaning "three blood".[1]

Breed Characteristics

Hispanos have a head of good proportion with a straight profile, set on a long, elegant neck. This breed has a wide chest with a good shoulder with a strong, straight back. The tail is well set on to muscular quarters with tough legs and hooves. They usually stand between 14.3 and 16 hands high, and are usually bay, gray or chestnut. Hispanos generally show a strong resemblance to the Arabian breed, but can also occasionally show dominant Thoroughbred and Andalusian features. The ideal horse has the features of the Arabian, the quality of a Thoroughbred and the temperament of an Andalusian.[1]


The Hispano breed is historically used to work young bulls in preparation for the bull ring, and also used in bullfighting competitions. They are used predominately in the Spanish sport of acoso y derribo, an event where a bull must be brought to the ground with a long stick.[1] They are also used extensively in other equestrian competitions, including show jumping and dressage.[2]


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