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Hollywood Gold Cup top three finishers

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the Hollywood Gold Cup, an American Grade 1 race for three year-olds and up at 1-1/4 miles on synthetic surface held at Hollywood Park in Hollywood, California.[1] (List 1973-present)

Year Winner Second Third Starters
2009 Rail Trip Tres Borrachos Life Is Sweet 13
2008 Mast Track Student Council Go Between 9
2007 Lava Man A. P. Xcellent Big Booster 9
2006 Lava Man Ace Blue Super Frolic 5
2005 Lava Man Borrego Congrats 9
2004 Total Impact Olmodavor Even the Score 7
2003 Congaree Harlan's Holiday Kudos 7
2002 Sky Jack Momentum Milwaukee Brew 6
2001 Aptitude Skimming Futural 5
2000 Early Pioneer General Challenge David 9
1999 Real Quiet Budroyale Malek 4
1998 Skip Away Puerto Madero Gentlemen 8
1997 Gentlemen Siphon Sandpit 6
1996 Siphon Geri Helmsman 8
1995 Cigar Tinners Way Tossofthecoin 8
1994 Slew of Damascus Fanmore Del Mar Dennis 5
1993 Best Pal Bertrando Major Impact 10
1992 Sultry Song Marquetry Another Review 6
1991 Marquetry Farma Way Itsallgreektome 9
1990 Criminal Type Sunday Silence Opening Verse 7
1989 Blushing John Sabona Payant 7
1988 Cutlass Reality Alysheba Ferdinand 6
1987 Ferdinand Judge Angelucci Tasso 11
1986 Super Diamond Alphabatim Precisionist 6
1985 Greinton Precisionist King's Island 6
1984 Desert Wine John Henry Sari's Dreamer 8
1983 Island Whirl Poley Prince Spellbound 6
1982 Perrault Erins Isle It's the One 8
1981 Eleven Stitches Caterman Super Moment 10
1980 Go West Young Man Balzac Caro Bambino 10
1979 Affirmed Sirlad Text 10
1978 Exceller Text Vigors 7
1977 Crystal Water Cascapedia Caucasus 12
1976 Pay Tribute Avatar Riot in Paris 8
1975 Ancient Title Big Band El Tarta 7
1974 Tree of Knowledge Ancient Title War Heim 10
1973 Kennedy Road Quack Cougar II 6
1972 Quack Droll Role War Heim
1971 Ack Ack Comtal Manta
1970 Pleasure Seeker Neurologo T V Commercial
1969 Figonero Nodouble Poleax
1968 Princessnesian Racing Room Quicken Tree
1967 Native Diver Pretense Biggs
1966 Native Diver O'Hara Travel Orb
1965 Native Diver Babington Hill Rise
1964 Colorado King Mustard Plaster Native Diver
1963 Cadiz Aldershot Olympiad King
1962 Prove It Windy Sands Cadiz
1961 Prince Blessed Grey Eagle Whodunit
1960 Dotted Swiss Bagdad Prize Host
1959 Hillsdale Find Terrang
1958 Gallant Man Eddie Schmidt Seaneen
1957 Round Table Porterhouse Find
1956 Swaps Mister Gus Porterhouse
1955 Rejected Alidon Determine
1954 Correspondent Rejected Trusting
1953 Royal Serenade Fleet Bird A Gleam
1952 Two Lea Cyclotron Sturdy One
1951 Citation Bewitch Be Fleet
1950 Noor Palestinian Hill Prince
1949 Solidarity Ace Admiral Pretal
1948 Shannon On Trust Olhaverry
1947 Cover Up Burning Dream Honeymoon
1946 Triplicate Honeymoon Historian
1945 Challenge Me Bull Reigh Sirde
1944 Happy Issue Bull Reigh Okana
1943 No Race No Race No Race
1942 No Race No Race No Race
1941 Big Pebble Paperboy Mioland
1940 Challedon Specify Can't Wait
1939 Kayak II Cravat Specify
1938 Seabiscuit Specify Whichcee


  1. Stakes Histories, The Original Racing Almanac 2009, page 344-345 on June 26, 2008.


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