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Hong Kong Gold Cup

The Hong Kong Gold Cup is a Hong Kong Thoroughbred horse race held annually since 1979 at Sha Tin Racecourse. It is open to horses three years of age and older.Run on turf, it was initially run over a distance of 1800 Metres, but is now set at 2,000 metres (ten furlongs) and it offers a purse of HK$ 8,000,000.

The second leg of the Hong Kong Triple Crown the Group One race comes after the Steward's Cup and is followed by the Hong Kong Champions & Chater Cup. A HK$5,000,000 bonus is paid to the owner of the horse winning all three legs of the Triple Crown Series and a consolation bonus of HK$2,000,000 will be paid to the owner of the horse winning any two legs

Hong Kong Champion and former Horse of the Year River Verdon won this race three times and in 1994 became the only horse to ever win the Triple Crown.

Recent winners of the Hong Kong Gold Cup






2010 Collection Darren Beadman John Moore 07/08 John Moore Trainer Syndicate 2:01.60
2009 Viva Pataca Darren Beadman John Moore Stanley Ho Hung-Sun 2:04.61
2008 Viva Pataca Darren Beadman John Moore Stanley Ho Hung-Sun 2:03.90
2007 Vengeance of Rain Anthony Delpech David E. Ferraris Chow Nam & R. G. Chow Hon Man 2:04.40
2006 Super Kid Shane Dye John Moore Wong Yuk Kwan 2:02.80
2005 Perfect Partner Christophe Soumillon Tony Cruz Gowin C. S. Tseng/Ringo N. Y. Kwok 2:06.30
2004 Bullish Luck Felix Coetzee Tony Cruz Wong Wing Keung 2:02.30
2003 Olympic Express Weichong Marwing Ivan W. Allan Larry Yung Chi Kin 2:02.90
2002 Industrial Pioneer Gerald Mosse Brian Kan Ping-chee Albert Hu Si Nok et al. 2:02.40
2001 Idol Michael Kinane David Oughton Wong Chi Muk 2:02.10
2000 Industrialist Alan Munro Brian Kan Ping-chee Albert Hu Si Nok & Peter W. Y. Ming 2:00.20
1999 Indigenous Douglas Whyte Ivan W. Allan Pang Yuen Hing 2:01.30
1998 Indigenous Basil Marcus Ivan W. Allan Pang Yuen Hing 2:02.50


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