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Horse And Hound Magazine

Horse and Hound MagHorse & Hound

Horse & Hound is the oldest equestrian magazine in Britain. It is a weekly magazine with the first edition published in 1884. It is also known by the nickname 'Nag & Dog'. The magazine contains horse industry news, reports from equestrian events, veterinary advice about caring for horses and horses for sale. Fox hunting has always been an important topic for the magazine, as are the sports of eventing, dressage, show jumping, horse racing, showing, carriage driving and endurance riding. The magazine includes commentaries from top riders and trainers including event rider William Fox-Pitt, top eventing trainer Capt Mark Phillips, former top show jumper Graham Fletcher and dressage rider and trainer Pammy Hutton, among others. Its current and first female editor is Lucy Higginson, while photographer Trevor Meeks is currently one of the largest contributors.

Among the major annual equestrian events reported by Horse & Hound are Badminton Horse Trials, Burghley Horse Trials, The Horse of the Year Show and the London International Horse Show at Olympia.

The magazine is published by IPC Inspire (formerly Country & Leisure Media), who also own the sister magazines Eventing and HORSE. The latest copy reaches shops every Thursday, while press day is Monday. The magazine's headquarters are located in the Blue Fin Building (formerly Kings Reach Tower), in central London. The magazine has enjoyed a contined rise in popularity, and has the largest equestrian classified advertising around, both from companies and individuals selling horses.

Horse & Hound online:

Horse & Hound has a website at www.horseandhound.co.uk. It is updated daily with equestrian news and reports from horse events. The site includes a forum where horse enthusiasts can share their experiences with each other and ask for help with problems they are experiencing with their horses. There are currently more than 15,000 members, and gained worldwide attention within the equestrian community following much debate over the alleged horse abuse carried out by Amy Tryon in Kentucky in April 2007.

Claims to fame:

Horse & Hound is most commonly know by the general public after being mentioned in Notting Hill (film), which starred Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. This is something the magazine has acknowledged several times.


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