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Horse Comunicator - I talk with Velvet!

The Animal Communicator-VELVET

Well, you know from reading all my stories that my sense of reality is skewed. But, what I found out about Velvet and Sage from The Animal Communicator might make others go over the top into the great unknown void of hocus pocus!

Kansas City was the site of Equus America.

 It was a horse fair with clinicians, vendors and evening horse acts to rival Equitanna.

Lydia Hiby, an Animal Communicator was waiting for me to pay money for her to chat with Velvet. I got a double appointment as I figured Velvet would have many things on her mind to yell...er uh ...chat with me about. It turns out that it only took about 12 minutes

Background that the Animal Communicator didn't know...my plans to breed Velvet and our continued call as a demonstration team.

I sat down and showed Lydia Velvet's impressive pictures. WOW she said, What a beautiful horse. It turns out that Lydia has a black gelding. She has his picture where she can stare at it all day. Before I could even get sat in the chair, Lydia said, Velvet is very protective of you! She has a huge bubble around her when it comes to you. She is a strong minded horse! Lydia kept exclaiming over what amazing personality Velvet has. I finally got settled in my chair with pen and notepad ready.

Next, Lydia tells me is that Velvet is not so certain she can be a Mom. She will do it if I want her to, but she has doubts. Her own mother was overbearing, and she thinks that she might be too. Her left ovary is slow to mature. It starts up and then goes into a stasis. After a while, it starts up again and matures If that is the ovary picked for the pregnancy, it would be good for me to know that!

HUH! is what I thought.

Velvet continued that she hasn't seen any stallions that she likes. I told the Animal Communicator that Velvet has met her stallion. She mulled. Velvet said, Oh him! He seems like a dofus. He's wimpy! Velvet chatted to the Animal Communicator about her black horse and asked if he has all his parts. They chatted for a while and Velvet said that if he had all his equipment, she would make the trip to California to tryst with him!

Aside: I believe that Velvet is caught up in being black. Her stallion to be is champange palomino. He isn't a dofus, nor could anyone call him wimpy! I don't think that she approves of his color. Later I had a talk with her about how unusual her baby would be and that everyone would really be stunned at the precious jewel.

Velvet further stated that she's willing to have a foal if I wanted her too, but I had to promise to be there to help with the delivery. I promised!

Velvet is proud of her figure and isn't looking forward to being fat with a foal.

Next topic: Velvet told Lydia that she liked doing demonstrations. She gets a big kick out of it. Travel is no problem as long as she gets to "show off". Velvet said that she wanted to be in a parade with a bunch of fancy equipment. She would love that.

More: Velvet hates it when I fiddle with my glasses when I ride her. It breaks my communication with her. (In the winter, my glasses get steamy and I'm forever taking them off and putting them under my hat, then putting them back on again)

She loves red. She wants me to get a red hat with her name on it.

Once, I came into her stall and cried. She never did understand why I did that. (My father died 5 years ago and I just came into her stall, hugged her and cried)

Velvet really enjoys it when people come over and tell her how beautiful she is. She especially likes it when they ask what kind of horse she is...Morgan or Arab? She gets a kick when they discover that she is a Missouri Fox Trotter.

It appeared that Velvet had run out of things to say. Lydia asked me if I wanted to ask Velvet anything. YES! I want to know where Velvet's pain is coming from when I saddle her. She has what people would call a bad girthy reaction. Lydia mulled and replied. "She got clipped when she was young on her shoulder." Lydia said that she didn't see any bone piece floating around in her shoulder, but it bothers her. "HUH I said. What is clipped?" Lydia, "She got kicked in her shoulder and a small piece of bone was affected. That bone must have disolved as I can't see it. She had deep tissue injury along with the bone problem." The saddle must press down right at that spot when the girth is tightened. Aside: I gave Velvet to Tony Vaught to train to do flying lead changes. Tony has a very special sense of every part of the horse that he is riding. Tony told me that Velvet's shoulder just wasn't "right". It's a physical problem for her.

end of interview!

Is this not amazing? I knew that Velvet enjoyed showing off, but to have an animal communicator pick that up is pretty amazing. None of the pictures showed us in any type of demonstration setting.

I also just thought that every mare would want to have foals. I guess that's not true!

Red? Red is my least favorite color as I have red hair and learned long ago that red clothes clash with my hair....or used to. I now have a red hat with Velvet's name on it. Whatever Velvet wants, she must have.


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