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Horse Corneal Opacity and Homeopathic Remidies

Corneal Opacity
A month ago, a student in our homeopathic study group came over in a panic after finding one of her 6-month-old foal/colt, blind. Both eyes were completely clouded over. She did not notice this problem earlier as she had 8-10 brood mares with foals at their side in the pasture. Heart sick, the local veterinarian told her she would have to euthanize the foal because he did not see any hope for recovery.

The foal was weaned and kept in a small stall and run and treated with the homeopathic remedy Calc Fluor 6c daily in his water bucket. Within 3 weeks the cloudiness had all but disappeared and, wide eyed, the colt is alert, responsive and appears to see shadows. He is getting around in his pen well and is not bumping into walls any longer. She will continue on this remedy for another 2 weeks and will also be given the homeopathic remedy Euphrasia one time per day.

Corneal Opacity can be the result of many different eye disorders. It frequently accompanies keratitis (inflammation of the cornea) or may be due to a blow or injury to the eye.

Moonblindness sometimes seen in stock breeds appears to becoming more common. This condition, if caught early has been successfully treated with Calc Fluor.

Other Remedies that are effective include Silica - Which also aids in absorption of opacity (particularly in higher potencies).

Aconite - is effective in early stages of inflammation due to injury.

Arnica - Also in early stages for pain.

Calendula & Hypericum together is very effective in healing the eye and aiding in relieving pain.

Calc Carb is used with ulcerations and a mottled looking cornea. and Symphytum - for opacity that is the result of a blow to the eye.

Other alternative therapies include herbal eyebright offered in their grain daily and Aloe Vera Eye drops which in itself has been effective in treating all types of eye affections, injury, irritation, pink eye and is indicated to soothe any irritation in the eye.

If you encounter opacity in an animal at any age, know this, there are alternative therapies that work, and this is one area where homeopathy shines.  Health and Wellness


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