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Horse Feed Equipment

Feeding Equipment:

Stable-kept horses, and even those on paddock or pasture board, require various feeding equipment to be sure they get the benefit of hay, grain, and supplements you provide.

Basic equipment for any stall:

Two 10-gallon water buckets, wall-hung with snaps for removal and cleaning.

A feed bucket, either corner-fitted and hung or a feeding pan for the stall floor  
for horses that won't eat properly if their feed is above ground.

A salt-block holder.

A hay manger, corner-hung or flat-hung (optional).

For stall and paddock boarders, provide the following.

A large water trough, always at least 1/3 full.

A feed bucket, firmly attached to the fence for each horse that gets grain; place them far enough apart to avoid fights at mealtime.
A clean place to distribute flakes of hay, away from the mud and manure that can build up in some paddock areas.

A container placed in the field to hold a large salt-block, which horses may lick at will.


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