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Horse and Equine Rescue

                     Horse and Equine Rescue

Horses and other Equine species in need of rescue come in all shapes and sizes.  Rescued Horses can be young or old, healthy or physically abused, and worst of all emotionally scared.  Some need to be humanely put down because they are too old, sick, or  emotionally scared to live out  a useful life without pain.  Some animals just need a place where they can live out their lives without fear while others, with some time and patience, can be "made whole again" offering years of companionship, joy, and service.

Wiki Horse World salutes the following horse and equine species rescue organizations, all of which, in our view, are heroes!


Angel Acres is a non-profit horse rescue, located in York County, Pennsylvania, dedicated to saving horses bound for slaughter for human consumption in Europe and Asia.  Thoroughbreds are rescued from the killer pens and adopted by loving families, ranchers and people just like you.  Angel Acres is run strictly by volunteers.  For more information  about Angel Acres please click on the link above



Another Chance Equine Rescue Inc. is a non-profit charity, dedicated to horse and equine rescue in Ohio.  Their mission is to help the horse that others have forgotten; to teach the horse how to trust and to earn their love.  They are dedicated to finding new "forever homes" for the horse that had no chance, and end the suffering of the horse, that without intervention, will die a slow and painful death.



Peaceful Mountain Horse Rescue, Inc. is a New Jersey non-profit corporation dedicated to the rescue of horses and ponies that have been abused, neglected, abandoned, or are unwanted.  Though they are located in new Jersey, Peaceful Mountain Horse Rescue welcomes horses and ponies from all over the country; even as far away as Pennsylvania, New York and North Dakota.

For more information please visit the Peaceful Mountain Horse Rescue by clicking the link above.


The Golden Carrot is a Public Benefit Charity.  They provide a lifelong home for each horse and therefore these horses are not available for adoption.  They are only available for sponsorship.  For more information please visit The Golden Carrot by clicking on their link above.


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