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Horse musical

Horse musicals are musicals in which horses are the stars.


How it all started

In 1995 at the Swiss horse trade show Pferd Zurich ("Zurich Horse") the name "horse musical" - Pferdemusical in German - was created by the organizers, among them Dieter Stéphane Speidel of Zurich Family Office who acted at that time as president of the organisation PFERD ZURICH. This Horse Musical that played in 1995 for the first time was called "Zauberbaum" and later as "Zauberwald" this Horse Musical toured Europe during 7 years and was a great success.

Le Prince

In the following years Dieter Stéphane Speidel has created and produced other horse musicals, such as Le Prince, a play that tells the story of the legend of Louis Henri de Bourbon, the 7th Prince de Condé (Chantilly 1692 - 1740) who believed he would be reincarnated as a horse. He therefore told architecte Jean Marc Aubert to build the Grandes Écuries in Chantilly near Paris. This was a huge castle-like stables which had room for more than 300 horses. The Prince was able to see the stables when he had breakfast on the balcony of his water castle in Chantilly.

The horsemusical Le Prince (music composed by Mike Turtle, London & Basel) first played in 2001 at the world's largest horse fair, Equitana in Essen, Germany and then played almost 100 times in Germany, Switzerland and France for around 200'000 spectators.

After "Le Prince" Dieter Stéphane Speidel is working on "The Comeback Of The Prince", a film "In Harmony With Nature"

Other activities

Since then Dieter Stéphane Speidel produced other horsemusicals such as The Horse Prince Dinner Theater of which a trailer is nominated to the 2006 Epona film festival in Cabourg, France a festival organized by Cheval Français - www.chevalfrancais.com

Speidel has since created other horsemusicals, like "The Gauchos" and "Violino & Purosangue". Production companies for horsemusicals like Equitana, BEA Bern, Messe Zurich. These production companies also produced: Le Pardon, Cheval Fiesta and in Berne at BEA, the reprise of Le Prince in April 2007. The copyrights of "Le Prince" and the other horsemusicals belong to GOLDMAN SINCLAIR Ltd. Birmingham, U.K. GOLDMAN SINCLAIR also promotes several Online Business start ups in the Green Economy business www.greenenergyforum, as well as the FAMILY HORSE PARK in the South of France.

The first horse park will represent also 26 different horse breeds, among them Arabian horses, Appaloosas, American Quarter Horses, Andalusian Horses, Barbs, Criollos, Danish Warmblood, English Thoroughbreds, Frisians, Holstein, Islanders, Mangalardas, Mongolian horses, Marwaris, Lusitanos, Lipizzans, Pasos, Oldenburger, and many more.

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