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Howard Grant (jockey)

Howard Grant
Occupation Jockey
Birthplace Cincinnati, Ohio,
United States
Birth date c. 1939
Career wins not found
Major racing wins, honours & awards
Major racing wins
Lamplighter Stakes (1957, 1964)
Narragansett Special (1958)
Top Flight Handicap (1958, 1964)
Washington, D.C. International Stakes (1958)
Miss Woodford Stakes (1959, 1961)
Sorority Stakes (1959)
Beldame Stakes (1961)
Delaware Handicap (1961)
Molly Pitcher Stakes (1961, 1965)
Ladies Handicap (1962)
Monmouth Oaks (1963, 1964)
Carter Handicap (1964)
Coaching Club American Oaks (1964)
Man o' War Stakes (1964)
Paumonok Handicap (1964)
Vosburgh Stakes (1964)
Longfellow Handicap (1965)
Spinster Stakes (1967)
Vineland Handicap (1967)
Autumn Days Handicap (1971)
Carleton F. Burke Handicap (1971)
Del Mar Derby (1971)
Derby Trial Stakes (1971)
Palos Verdes Handicap (1971)
Volante Handicap (1971)
Sunny Slope Stakes (1972)
San Simeon Handicap (1972)
Inglewood Handicap (1974)
Yellow Ribbon Stakes (1977)
Racing awards
Leading jockey at Oak Tree (1971)
Significant horses
Affectionately, Airmans Guide, Ancient Title, Lamb Chop, Miss Cavandish,
Primonetta, Sailor's Guide

Howard Grant (born c. 1939 in Cincinnati, Ohio) is a retired American Thoroughbred horse racing jockey. He began his jockey apprenticeship as a seventeen-year-old at Wheeling Downs, West Virginia and won his first race on October 9, 1956 at Cranwood Park Race Course in Cleveland, Ohio.[1] During his twenty-four-year career, he competed primarily at Middle Atlantic racetracks and in 1959 rode four winners on a single racecard at Bowie Race Track,[2] repeating that feat again in 1968 at the Atlantic City Race Course.[3]

In the early 1970s Howard Grant began riding in California where he won an Oak Tree Racing Association riding championship in 1971. Like many jockeys, he battled weight gain from early in his career,[4] and by the middle part of the 1970s the problem frequently limited his number of mounts.



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