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Iberian horse

File:WELBECK Le Superbe Cheval De Spanie.jpg
1743 engraving depicting an Iberian horse

The Iberian horse is a title given to a number of horse breeds native to the Iberian peninsula. At present, 17 horse breeds are recognized by FAO (2005) as characteristics of the Iberian Peninsula.

Three are Portuguese, the Lusitano, Sorraia and Garrano, and the remaining 14 are Spanish. These include the Asturcón, Burguete, Caballo de Monte del País Vasco, Pura Raza Gallega, Pura Raza Española (Andalusian horse), Hispano-Arabe, Hispano-Bretón, Jaca Navarra, Losina, Monchina and Pottoka, as well as the Cavall Mallorquí, Mallorquina and Menorquina (subsets of the Balearic breed[1]).[2]

One of the oldest types of horses, domestication of horses in the Iberian peninsula dates back as far as 300 BC when Greek invaders feared the Iberian cavalry. Modern Iberian breeds tend to be of a Baroque horse type that resemble their most famous member, the Andalusian horse, in conformation. There are also ponies, including the Sorraia as well as the Garrano.


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