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Imperatrice (1938-1972) was an American Thoroughbred racehorse and broodmare. She was the dam of Somethingroyal and 2nd dam of U.S. Triple Crown champion and Hall of Fame inductee, Secretariat (by Bold Ruler).

A Bay mare, Imperatrice was bred by W.H. Laboyteaux. In 1947 Imperatrice was purchased by Christopher Chenery's Meadow Stud. She raced 31 times finishing her track caree with 11 wins, 7 shows & 2 places. Some of her winning efforts included the New England Oaks, New Rochelle Handicapher, The Test Stakes 7 the Fall Highweight Handicap.

Imperatrice lived to the age of 34. She was the dam of winners: Imperial Hill (Hill Prince), Scattered (Whirlaway), Speedwell (Bold Ruler), Squared Away2 (Piping Rock).


 |name = Imperatrice 
 |f = Caruso 
 |m = Cinquepace 
 |ff = Polymelian 
 |fm = Sweet Music 
 |mf = Brown Bud 
 |mm = Assignation 
 |fff = [[Polymelus]] 
 |ffm = Pasquita 
 |fmf = Harmonicon 
 |fmm = Ivette 
 |mff = Brown Prince 
 |mfm = June Rose 
 |mmf = [[Teddy (horse)|Teddy]] 
 |mmm = Cinq A Sept 
 |ffff = Cyllene 
 |fffm = Maid Marion 
 |ffmf = Sundridge 
 |ffmm = Pasquil 
 |fmff = Disguise 
 |fmfm = Harpsicord 
 |fmmf = Isinglass 
 |fmmm = Brielle 
 |mfff = Dark Ronald 
 |mffm = Excellenza 
 |mfmf = Myram 
 |mfmm = Pietra 
 |mmff = Ajax 
 |mmfm = Rondeau 
 |mmmf = Roi Herode 
 |mmmm = Rackety Coo 


  1. Imperatrice Thoroughbred


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