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In Style (horse)

In Style
Breed Holsteiner
Sire Acord II
Dam Diana
Damsire Lord
Gender Gelding
Foaled 1995
Country Canada
Color Brown
Owner Lothlorien Farms

Olympic medal record

Silver 2008 Beijing Team jumping

In Style is a Holsteiner gelding ridden by Canadian Equestrian Team member Ian Millar in the sport of show jumping. He was imported to Canada from the Netherlands in 2003. His full brother, VDL Atlantic, is also an international show jumper. Furthermore, VDL Atlantic is a Zangersheide-approved stallion with approved sons of his own.[1] The dam of In Style and Atlantic is Diana, a full sister to Lord Z, himself a strong sire and FEI show jumper under Franke Sloothaak and John Whitaker. In Style is reported to be a sensitive horse with a Thoroughbred-like disposition.[2]

In Style is best known for representing Canada on the international scene. He and Ian Millar were members of silver medal teams at both the 2007 Rio de Janeiro Pan American Games and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.[3]

Pedigree of In Style [4]
Acord II
1987 Holsteiner
Ahorn Z
1979 Holsteiner
Alme Z
1966 Selle Francais
Ibrahim (1952)
Girondine (1950)
Heureka Z
1960 Holsteiner
Ganeff (1947)
Nobida (1954)
1979 Holsteiner
Calypso I
1973 Holsteiner
Cor de la Bryere (1968)
Tabelle (1959)
1970 Holsteiner
Lancester (1966)
Urbine (1960)
1967 Holsteiner
Ladykiller xx
1961 Thoroughbred
Sailing Light xx (1949)
Lone Beech xx (1950)
1961 Holsteiner
Cottage Son xx (1944)
Ricarda (1957)
1984 Holsteiner
Calando I
1974 Holsteiner
Cor de la Bryere (1968)
Furgund (1969)
1970 Holsteiner
Meteor xx (1963)


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