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International Trot

The International Trot was a harness racing event held in the New York City area that aimed to appeal to a mix of United States and international entrants. The inaugural event was held at Roosevelt Raceway in Westbury, New York in 1959, and was held at the track until its closure in 1988. Thereafter, the race moved to Yonkers Raceway in Yonkers, New York. The initial running was held at a distance of 1.5 miles (2.4 km), with subsequent races held at a distance of 1.25 miles (2.01 km).

In advance of its third running in 1961, The New York Times described that "There are many harness racing stakes that are older and quite a few that are richer, but there is none, that for glamour, pageantry, excitement and wild wagering matches the Roosevelt International Trot."[1]


Race history


In 1959, a trotter from France named Jamin was scheduled to run in the inaugural International Trot at Roosevelt Raceway. The track's publicist, Joe Goldstein spread the word that the horse's chances were affected by the loss of over 150 pounds of artichokes that had been impounded, and then misplaced, by the United States Department of Agriculture at Idlewild Airport. Goldstein placed ads in The New York Times and New York Herald Tribune that read "French Trotter Needs Artichokes. Can You Help?", including a phone number of Roosevelt Raceway. Newspapers gave the story extensive play, with locals bring their backyard-grown artichokes to the track and United Airlines flying artichokes in from Watsonville, California, the artichoke capital of America. The horse was energized after eating the artichokes, or so Goldstein said, and went on to win the race in front of a crowd of 45,000.[2] Jamin held on to win in front of a crowd of 48,000 spectators, with the Italian horse Tornese in second by half a length and betting favorite Trader Horn, an American entry, in third, 2¼ lengths out of second. Jamin ran the mile-and-a-half in 3:08.6.[3]


Both first-time champion Jamin and Ruder Konge of Denmark dropped out of the 1960 race.[4] The 9-year old Hairos II, driven by Willem Geersen, went on to win the mile-and-a-quarter second running in a field of seven in a time of 2:34, defeating the Italian horse Crevalcore by a half-length, with the American entry Silver Song, a 9-5 favorite, in third by a half-length behind Crevalcore. The crowd of 54,861 set a record, breaking the prior mark of 50,337 set at the track in August 1957.


Hairos II was unable to defend his title in the 1961 race, after suffering a bowed tendon during a win in a race in The Hague.[5] At the 1961 International Trot, a French horse named Kracovie that had won that year's European circuit was missing a stablemate, either a mountain sheep or a goat, that could not be brought into the United States due to quarantine regulations, and would not eat in the absence of its companion.[6] As described by George Vecsey in the Times, "The entertainer Tina Louise just happened to have a goat in her Manhattan apartment. Wearing a low-cut dress, she and her agent and the goat paid a mission of mercy to Roosevelt."[2] Despite the publicity, and the goat, Kracovie lost the race to Su Mac Lad, with Tie Silk in third. Su Mac Lad, driven by Stanley Dancer, finished in a time of 2:34.4 in driving rain and a sloppy track in front of 28,105 racing fans.[7]


The lightly-regarded Canadian horse Tie Silk, who had finished in third the previous year and sixth the year before, won the $50,000 race in front of a crowd of 53,279. Six-year old Tie Silk, driven by Keith Waples, won in a time of 2:34.2, with favorite and returning winner Su Mac Lad in second and world record holder Porterhouse in third. The betting handle of $2,793,596 set a world record for a harness racing program, breaking the prior record set at the second running of the International Trot.[8]


Su Mac Lad, who had won in 1961 but dropped to second in 1962, returned to win the 1963 running in a seven-horse field, before a crowd of 41,197 of what The New York Times called "screaming harness racing buffs". The Dutch horse Martini II came in second, with returning champion Tie Silk in third. Driven by Stanley Dancer, Su Mac Lad paid bettors $2.90 to win in tying a world record at the 1¼-mile distance with a time of 2:32.6. The 9-to-20 favorite came in a half-length ahead of Martini II who in turn beat Tie Silk by 7.5 lengths. The $25,000 Su Mac Lad took home brought his career winnings to $687,549, the most of any pacer or trotter as of that date.[9]


After the demise of Roosevelt Raceway in 1988, the race was relocated to Yonkers Raceway.[10]

Past winners

Winners of the race include the following:[11]





$2 on Winner

Winning time

1959 Jamin Jean Riaud 22x20px France $11.70 3:08.6[3]
1960 Hairos II Willem Geersen 22x20px Netherlands $11.90 2:34.0[12]
1961 Su Mac Lad Stanley Dancer 22x20px United States 2:34.4[7]








1959 22x20px France Jamin 22x20px Italy Tornese 22x20px United States Trader Horn
1960 22x20px Netherlands Hairos II 22x20px Italy Crevalcore 22x20px United States Silver Song
1961 22x20px United States Su Mac Lad 22x20px France Kracovie 22x20px Canada Tie Silk
1962 22x20px Canada Tie Silk 22x20px United States Su Mac Lad 22x20px United States Porterhouse
1963 22x20px United States Su Mac Lad 22x20px Netherlands Martini II 22x20px United States Tie Silk
1964 22x20px United States Speedy Scot 22x20px United States Su Mac Lad 22x20px France Pick Wick
1965 22x20px France Pluvier III 22x20px Italy Steno 22x20px France Quioco
1966 22x20px United States Armbro Flight 22x20px France Roquepine 22x20px United States Noble Victory
1967 22x20px France Roquepine 22x20px United States Fresh Yankee 22x20px United States Governor Armbro
1968 22x20px France Roquepine 22x20px Sweden Kentucky Fibber 22x20px United States Fresh Yankee
1969 22x20px France Une de Mai 22x20px United States Nevele Pride 22x20px United States Fresh Yankee
1970 22x20px United States Fresh Yankee 22x20px France Tidalium Pelo
1971 22x20px France Une de Mai 22x20px United States Fresh Yankee 22x20px United States Dart Hanover
1972 22x20px United States Speedy Crown 22x20px France Une de Mai 22x20px United States Fresh Yankee
1973 22x20px United States Delmonica Hanover
1974 22x20px United States Delmonica Hanover 22x20px Italy Dosson
1975 22x20px United States Savoir 22x20px France Bellino II 22x20px United States Surge Hanover
1976 22x20px France Equileo 22x20px France Bellino II 22x20px United States Meadow Bright
1977 22x20px France Delfo 22x20px France Bellino II
1978 22x20px United States Cold Comfort 22x20px New Zealand Petite Evander 22x20px France Hadol du Vivier
1979 22x20px United States Doublemint 22x20px Sweden Express Gaxe 22x20px Sweden Charme Asserdal
1980 22x20px United States Classical Way 22x20px France Ideal du Gazeau 22x20px New Zealand Petite Evander
1981 22x20px France Ideal du Gazeau 22x20px France Jorky 22x20px Sweden Pamir Brodde
1982 22x20px France Ideal du Gazeau 22x20px Italy Zebu 22x20px Sweden Nino Blazing
1983 22x20px France Ideal du Gazeau 22x20px Sweden Legolas 22x20px France Ianthin
1984 22x20px France Lutin d'Isigny 22x20px Sweden The Onion 22x20px United States Crown Wood
1985 22x20px France Lutin d'Isigny 22x20px United States Sandy Bowl 22x20px France Ogorek
1986 22x20px Denmark Habib 22x20px United States Robins Wonder 22x20px Sweden Mack the Knife
1987 22x20px Sweden Callit 22x20px France Potin d'Amour 22x20px United States Tabor Lobell
1988 22x20px United States Mack Lobell 22x20px United States A.J.'s Speed 22x20px United States Go Get Lost
1989 22x20px United States Kit Lobell 22x20px Denmark Indus 22x20px United States Mack Lobell
1990 22x20px France Reve d'Udon 22x20px United States No Sex Please 22x20px United States Meadow Roland
1991 22x20px United States Peace Corps 22x20px France Reve d'Udon 22x20px United States Florida Jewel
1992 22x20px Sweden Atas Fighter L. 22x20px United States Night Court Dan 22x20px France Ursulo de Crouay
1993 22x20px United States Giant Force 22x20px United States Meadow Prophet 22x20px United States Sea Cove
1995 22x20px Sweden His Majesty 22x20px United States S.J.'s Photo 22x20px United States Panifesto


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