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International Velvet (film)

International Velvet
The advertising material
Directed by Bryan Forbes
Produced by Bryan Forbes
Written by Bryan Forbes
Enid Bagnold (book)
Starring Tatum O'Neal
Nanette Newman
Anthony Hopkins
Christopher Plummer
Jeffrey Byron
Sarah Bullen
Richard Warwick
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date(s) July 19, 1978
Running time 127 min.
Country United States
Language English
Preceded by National Velvet

International Velvet is a 1978 dramatic film. It was a sequel to the 1944 classic, National Velvet. The film stars Tatum O'Neal, Christopher Plummer, Anthony Hopkins and Nanette Newman.



International Velvet is the story of an American girl, Sarah Brown, who is orphaned when her parents are killed in a car crash. She is sent to England to live with her aunt Velvet Brown and Uncle John. When Velvet was a similar age to Sarah, she and her horse, The Pie, entered the legendary Grand National horse race and won; however, she was instantly disqualified due to her young age and the fact that women were not allowed to ride in the race. The Pie is ultimately put out to stud upon his retirement. He sires his last foal after Sarah's arrival in England. Sarah and Velvet are present for the birth of this foal and Sarah eventually decides that she'd like to purchase him. She takes the "job" of helping her uncle with his writers block in an attempt to earn money. After much saving, she is told that the foal has been bought by another. She later finds out that her Aunt Velvet has bought him for her. Sarah aptly names him "Arizona Pie" (combining the name of his sire and the state in which Sarah lived). Sarah lives up to her dream and enters the Olympic Three Day Event helping Great Britain win the team competition. She falls in love with an American competitor and moves back to America with him. At the conclusion of the film she gives her Gold Olympic medal to her Aunt Velvet when she surprises her with a visit.



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