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Jack Mitchell (jockey)

Jack Mitchell (aged 21) is a Jockey from Epsom, Surrey who has received significant media coverage as an up-and-coming jockey,[1][2] especially after his victory in the 2010 Derby Dash at the Epsom Derby. His father, Phillip Mitchell, is a well known former jockey and horse trainer and owner.[3] He was taught to ride by his mother, Patricia.[2]


Jack Mitchell's father, Phillip Mitchell is a well known trainer within the racing community, who had a considerable career as a jockey.[4][1] Living on Epsom Downs, practically on the Epsom Derby racecourse, the family has produced multiple notable jockeys, going as far back as his grandfather - Cyril Mitchell - who began his career in 1929.[5][1] His younger brother Freddie is one of the top pony-race jockeys in the country.

Racing Career

As of June 2010, Jack Mitchell has competed in over 800 races and had over 90 wins, including 5 wins (out of 18 races) on his home course of Epsom.

In 2009, Mitchell was rushed to hospital after falling from a horse during a race, but was not seriously injured.[6] Riding a horse named 'Bertoliver', He won the 2010 Investec Entrepreneurial Class "Dash" despite his saddle slipping during the race.[7]


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