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Jaco Fourie

Jaco Fourie is a South African equestrian athlete and SA National Champion in dressage[1]. He lives in Christiana, South Africa[2][3] on the border of the Free State, North West and Northern Cape Provinces. He appeared on the cover of the May 2007 edition of the SA Horseman Magazine [4].


Riding career

Jaco Fourie started his riding career in the family business of his father and 2 brothers at the age of 4, and was tutored and mentored by many riding professionals to young adulthood[1]. He had training from bereiters and instructors from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, the SA Lipizzaner Centre, Natalie Hobday and Jonny Hilberath (GER).

His first Free State Provincial Colours were awarded in 2003, and received his National Protea Colours for dressage in 2007[5]. Fourie has represented his home-country, South Africa in the Equestrian Tri-Nations Competition on two occasions in 2007 and 2008[6] in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand[7]. He won the SA Championships in 2006, 2007 and 2008[8]. He also won the FEI World Dressage Challenge in 2005.[9] He is the leading South African rider in the South African National Equestrian Federation's dressage rankings.[10]

He works full-time as stud manager for CALLAHO Warmblood Sport Horses[11], a South African based horse breeding stud farm, who is also a major sponsor of international riders[12].


His first pony was a crossbred Welsh pony named Prins[1]. In dressage, Fourie rode CALLAHO's For Joy, CALLAHO's Granulit and CALLAHO's Rosengirl[13] to National honours. However, he had various other successes with horses FD Ref's Asterix, Etherow Impasse, Brandenburg Super C, Alzu Catapault, Kehilan Shaheer, Orly and Kingsdale Kildaire amongst others[1]. He is currently training the young dressage horses CALLAHO's Satine and CALLAHO's Benicio as future international mounts[11].


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