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Jag de Bellouet

Jag de Bellouet
Breed Standardbred
Sire Viking's Way
Grandsire Mickey Viking
Dam Vaunoise
Damsire Nicos du Vivier
Gender Stallion
Foaled May 17, 1997
Country 22x20px France
Color Brown
Breeder S.C.E.A. Ecuire Monthean JC
Owner Michel Gallier
Trainer Christophe Gallier
Record 115: 36-11-6
Earnings US$ 5,457,779
Major Wins, Awards and Honors
Major Wins
Prix de Cornulier Flag of France (2004, 2005, 2006)
Prix de Paris Flag of France (2004)
Prix de l'Atlantique Flag of France (2004, 2005, 2006)
Prix René Ballière Flag of France (2004, 2005)
Prix d'Amérique Flag of France (2005)
Prix de France Flag of France (2006)
Kymi Grand PrixFlag of Finland (2006)
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Jag de Bellouet (born in Argentan, France, on May 17, 1997[1]) is a French former racing trotter by Viking's Way out of Vaunoise by Nicos du Vivier.[2]

His most prestigious victories include the Prix d'Amérique, Prix de Cornulier, Prix de France and Prix de Paris. At the end of his career, the stallion had earned US$5,457,779 (€4,223,699).[2][3]


Pedigree of Jag de Bellouet Flag of France
Viking's Way Flag of France
Mickey Viking Flag of the United States Bonefish Flag of the United States Nevele Pride Flag of the United States
Exciting Speed Flag of the United States
Misty Sister Flag of the United States Songcan Flag of the United States
Agaunar Flag of Italy
Josubie Flag of France Quito Flag of France Carioca II Flag of France
Arlette III Flag of France
Vesubie III Flag of France Hermes D Flag of France
Jacinthe IV Flag of France
Vaunoise Flag of France
Nicos du Vivier Flag of France Sabi Pas Flag of France Carioca II Flag of France
Infante II Flag of France
Eva du Vivier Flag of France Prince des Veys Flag of France
Ua Uka Flag of France
Quenavora Flag of France Paleo Flag of France Fandango Flag of France
Rosina Flag of France
Celse Glatigny Flag of France Quodshou M F Flag of France
Pasadena Flag of France


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