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Jane Gregory

Medal record
Jane Gregory
Jane Gregory
Competitor for 22x20px United Kingdom

Jane Gregory, née Jane Bredin, born in England on 30 June 1959, is an international equestrian. She first rode for her country in 1994, competing in the World Equestrian Games of that year, and competed for Great Britain in Dressage at the Atlanta and Beijing Olympic Games.[1]


Early life

Gregory comes from a non-equestrian family. At the age of seven she started to learn to ride, going weekly to a riding centre near her home in Cornwall. Her first horse was called Connemara, and was bought for her by her godmother for £175. She joined the North Cornwall Pony Club, winning the junior section of club's championships in 1976.[1]

International career

Her International career started in 1994. In that year she competed in the World Equestrian Games . She rode at the Atlanta Olympics 1996 with her horse Cupido. for several years after this she did not compete internationally due to horse injuries. by 2001 she was first in the small tour rankings. She made a full comeback in 2006 [2] when she won grand prix and grand prix special with he horse Lucky Star at Munich CDI in May, then she won the grand prix freestyle at the Mariakalnok CDI. Her current coach is Ulla Salzgeber.[1] She is Competing in Dressage for Team GB at the Beijing Olympics, she said "I am in a state of shock," upon finding out that she was selected.[2][3] She is a member of the GB dressage team along with Laura Bechtolsheimer and Emma Hindle.[4]

Personal life

Now from Great Cheverell, Wiltshire,[5] in 2006 Jane Bredin married her partner of twenty years, Aram Gregory, and became Jane Gregory.[1]


Games Age Sport Event Team Position
Atlanta Olympics Summer 1996 37 Equestrianism Mixed Dressage, Individual Great Britain 42
Atlanta Olympics Summer 1996 37 Equestrianism Mixed Dressage, Team Great Britain 8



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