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Japan Cup Dirt

Grade 1 race
Japan Cup Dirt
File:Japan Cup Dirt.jpg
Location Hanshin Racecourse, Takarazuka, Hyogo
Inaugurated 2000
Race type Thoroughbred
Website japanracing.jp/
Race information
Distance 1,800 meters (About 9 furlongs)
Track Dirt, Right-handed
Qualification 3-y-o & Up
Weight 3-y-o colts & geldings 55kg/ 3-y-o fillies 53kg / 4-y-o & up horses & geldings 57kg / 4-y-o & up mares 55kg
Purse ¥277,900,000 (2007 Running)
Bonuses Winning horse owner will receive a ¥3,000,000 bonus.

The Japan Cup Dirt (JPN G-1) is a race usually run a day before the Japan Cup.


Race Information

  • Distance: 1,800 meters (About 9. furlongs), Dirt, Left-handed
  • Qualification to run: 3-y-o & Up
  • 3-y-o fillies 53 kg
  • 4-y-o & up horses & geldings 57 kg
  • 4-y-o & up mares 55 kg
  • Safety Factor: 16 (There will be a maximum of 8 foreign-trained starters)

2008 Changes

The Japan Cup Dirt was moved from Tokyo Racecourse to Hanshin Racecourse in 2008. The Japan Cup Dirt had been overshadowed by its turf counterpart (the [Japan Cup]) in recent years, because turf racing in Japan typically remains more popular and attracts better horses. Attendance for the 2007 Japan Cup Dirt was 56,052, while the attendance for the turf race the following day was 103,545.[1]

With the move to Hanshin, the Japan Cup Dirt was shortened from its original distance of 2,100 meters (about 10½ furlongs) to 1,800 meters (about 9 furlongs). Now run one week after the Japan Cup, the Japan Cup Dirt shares the weekend with the "World Super Jockeys Series" featuring jockeys from around the world.


(For the 2007 running)[2]

Total JPN ¥277,900,000 (U.S.$ 2,416,000)

  • 1st JPN ¥130,000,000 (U.S.$ 130,000,000)
  • 2nd JPN ¥52,000,000 (U.S.$ 452,000)
  • 3rd JPN ¥33,000,000 (U.S.$ 286,000)
  • 4th JPN ¥20,000,000 (U.S.$ 173,000)
  • 5th JPN ¥13,000,000 (U.S.$ 113,000)








2000 Wing Arrow 5 Yukio Okabe Katsumi Minai Minoru Ikeda 2:07.2
2001 Kurofune 3 Yutaka Take Kunihide Matsuda Makoto Kaneko 2:05.9
2002 Eagle Café 5 Frankie Dettori Futoshi Kojima Kiyoshi Nishikawa 1:52.2
2003 Fleetstreet Dancer 5 Jon Court Doug O'Neill Lee & Ty Leatherman 2:09.2
2004 Time Paradox 6 Yutaka Take Hiroyoshi Matsuda Shadai Racehorse Co. 2:08.7
2005 Kane Hekili 3 Yutaka Take Katsuhiko Sumii Makoto Kaneko 2:08.0
2006 Alondite 3 Hiroki Goto Sei Ishizaka Carrot Farm Co. 2:08.5
2007 Vermilion 5 Yutaka Take Sei Ishizaka Sunday Racing Co. Ltd. 2:06.7
2008 Kane Hekili 6 Christophe Lemaire Katsuhiko Sumii Makoto Kaneko 1:49.2
2009 Espoir City 4 Tetsuzo Sato Akio Adachi Yushun Horse 1:49.9

2000, 2001, 2003–2007: Tokyo Racecourse, 2,100 meters, counter-clockwise (left-handed)

2002: Nakayama Racecourse, 1,800 meters, clockwise (right-handed)

2008–present: Hanshin Racecourse, 1,800 meters, clockwise </sup>


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  2. Japan Cup Dirt 2007 The Japan Association for International Horse Racing. Accessed April 24, 2007

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