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Jaunting car

File:Irish jaunting car, ca 1890-1900.jpg
Irish jaunting car, photochrom, ca. 1890-1900
St Lawrence Gate Drogheda with numerous jaunting cars transporting members of the Photographic Convention of the United Kingdom on a tour around Dublin. July 1894.

The Irish form of the sprung cart, called a jaunting car or jaunty car, was a light, horse-drawn, two-wheeled open vehicle with seats placed lengthwise, either face to face or back to back. It was a popular mode of transportation in 19th Century Dublin popularized by Valentine Vousden in a song by that name. Also called an outside car or sidecar, it was peculiar in that its seats ran longitudinally and the passengers' feet were placed on a footboard outboard of the wheels. Legend tells of the knights of Erin fighting battles in chariots arranged this way.

The colloquial name for the driver of a jaunting car was "jarvey", referenced in the song "The Jarvey Was A Leprechaun" by Val Doonican. Jarveys are found in Killarney, County Kerry and went on strike in July 2009.[1]

This form of vehicle is also used most frequently in the 1952 movie The Quiet Man, particularly to notable comedic effect during the first formal courting scene involving the characters played by John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, and Barry Fitzgerald.


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