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Jennings Handicap top three finishers

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the Jennings Handicap, an American stakes race for horses three year-old and up at 1-1/8 miles (9 furlongs) on the dirt held at Laurel Park Racecourse in Laurel, Maryland.[1] (List 1923–present)

Year Winner Second Third Starters
2009 Regal solo Distributor Sarto n/a
2008 Broadway Producer P V Lightening Easy Red n/a
2007 Digger Evil Storm Forty Crowns n/a
2006 Easy Red Tartlet Due n/a
2005 Cherokee's Boy George's Gain Water Cannon n/a
2004 Aggadan Irish Colony New York Hero n/a
2003 Pickupspeed Acrolet Polish Pride n/a
2002 Include Lightning Paces First Amendment n/a
2001 Include Waited Carney's Prospect n/a
2000 Crosspatch Greyhound Main Quest n/a
1999 Praise Heaven Perfect to a Tee Main Quest n/a
1998 Testafly Testing Fireside Brass n/a
1997 Mary's Buckaroo Dr. Banning Perfect to a Tee n/a
1996 Say Capp Bay Capp Den of Thieves n/a
1995 Tidal Surge Ameri Valay Mary's Buckaroo n/a
1994 Taking Risks Frottage Tidal Surge n/a
1993 Forry Cow How Ameri Valay Timely Warning n/a
1992 Valley Crossing Gala Spinaway Baron de Vaux n/a
1991 Reputed Testamony Seven Salutes Jet Stream n/a
1990 Silano Jet Stream Flaming Emperor n/a
1989 Little Bold John Due North Silano n/a
1988 Little Bold John Silano Infirmative Action n/a
1987 Little Bold John Sparrowvon Dancing Hic n/a
1986 Little Bold John Majestic Solo Pat's Addition n/a
1985 Count My Love Owned by All Epilogue n/a
1984 A Magic Spray Tim Tamber Hush Hush Flash n/a
1983 Kattegat's Pride Eurodancer A Magic Spray n/a
1982 Tim Tamber Denunciator Haligoluk n/a
1981 Gasp Counter Punch Advan n/a
1980 Bold Josh T. V. Hill Chennault n/a
1979 What a Gent Dave's Friend Take the Pledge n/a
1978 Resound Snappy Chatter Nashver's Omega n/a
1977 # Resound Jolly Johu Gala Harry n/a
1977 # Splitting Headache King of Fools Federation n/a
1976 Northerly Winter Fox Resound n/a
1975 # Sherby On Your Toes Jolly Johu n/a
1975 # Christopher R. Walk Tall Gala Double n/a
1974 Northern Fling Laplander Royal J D n/a
1973 North Sea Lexington Park Dundee Marmalade n/a
1972 Amber Hawk Rockem Back Lead Me On n/a
1971 Laplander Sport King Joe Frazier n/a
1970 Berkley Prince Peace Corps Mister Diz n/a
1969 Promise Misty Cloud A Latin Spin n/a
1968 Rock Talk Jim J. Exceedingly n/a
1967 Bonny Johnny Gala Performance Exceedingly n/a
1966 Duc de Great Solid Fuel Bonny Johnny n/a
1965 Air Spin Solid Fuel Repeating n/a
1964 Bonny Johnny Double Heritage Repeating n/a
1963 Half Breed One Gallus Bonny Johnny n/a
1962 Nickel Boy Ruffy Towson Man n/a
1959 - 1961 No Race No Race No Race n/a
1958 Madok Aurecolt Nickel Boy n/a
1949 - 1957 No Races No Races No Races n/a
1948 Nathaniel Little Harp Pep Well n/a
1947 Pep Well Rippey Kitchen Police n/a
1946 New Moon Brookfield The Doge n/a
1945 Director J. E. Blue Wings Sophocles n/a
1944 Sollure New Moon Porter's Cap n/a
1943 No Race No Race No Race n/a
1942 Ocean Blue Doublrab Transfigure n/a
1941 Handy Tom Third Covey Honey Cloud n/a
1940 Battle Jack Speed to Spare Slow Motion n/a
1939 Rough time Sun Egret Battle Jack n/a
1938 Preeminent Sun Egret Black Look n/a
1933 - 1937 No Race No Race No Race n/a
1932 Sun Meadow Happy scot Microphone n/a
1931 Ladder Happy Scot R. V. Winkle n/a
1930 Balko Jock The Heathen n/a
1929 Bobashela Stream Line Crystal Domino n/a
1928 Princess Tina Canter Sun Meddler n/a
1927 Single Foot Canter Sen. Norris n/a
1926 Noah Dress Parade Single Foot n/a
1925 Wise Counsellor Shuffle Along Scorcher n/a
1924 Shuffle Along Big Blaze Sunspero n/a
1923 Dinna Care Champlain Hildur n/a

A 1977 # designates that the race was run in two divisions in 1975, 1977.

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  1. Stakes Histories, The Original Racing Almanac 2009, page 354 on June 26, 2008.


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