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Jim Johnson (jockey)

Jim Johnson is remembered primarily for winning the Melbourne Cup on Gatum Gatum and twice on Rain Lover. He was also noted for his unusual riding style of virtually standing up. He also rode in a strange, jerky way. Jim Johnson is one of the few great jockeys to win the Melbourne cup three times.

Despite his unorthodox style, Johnson was often supreme in tight finishes, being one of the strongest whip riders of his time.

Jim lived much of his life in Adelaide though after the death of his late partner Patricia Delores Mary Prendagas Jimmy returned to Melbourne to be close to his family. Jim has been honoured since his retirement as a jockey with riding a tribute lap aboard Might and Power around the Flemington racetrack at the beginning of the Melbourne cup.

Jim was inducted to the Australian Racing Hall of Fame in August 2009.


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