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Joe Patchen

Joe Patchen was a racing horse foaled in Peabody, Kansas in 1889. His sire was Patchen Wilkes and his dame was Josephine Young. Though best remembered for siring the famous Dan Patch, Joe Patchen enjoyed a successful racing career of his own.

Racing career

A large-bodied horse with unusually long legs, Joe Patchen was a strong contender on half-mile tracks. Joe Patchen won 53% of the races in which he started, and finished second in 39%. He was unplaced (out of the top four) in only 3% of his races. Though his exact career winnings are unknown, estimates place them in excess of $50,000. Joe Patchen broke the record for a half-mile track in August, 1896, with a time of 2:05ΒΌ. This world record stood for seven years until his son Dan Patch lowered it to 2:04.

Patchen was trained by Harness Racing Hall of Fame trainer John Dickerson.

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