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John Williams (equestrian)

Olympic medal record

Bronze Athens 2004 Team Three-Day Event

John Williams (born April 4, 1965) is an equestrian from the United States of America, who competed for the USA in the US Eventing team at the 2004 Summer Olympics, winning the bronze medal.

Williams was born in Mendon, New York, and attended the Rochester Institute of Technology's School for American Craftsman, where he graduated after studying furniture design and woodworking. Williams spent time after college in Middleburg, Virginia, and now resides in Southern Pines, North Carolina with his wife, Ellen.

Williams has trained with many great eventers, including Jack Le Goff, James C. Wofford, and David and Karen O'Connor. Williams is also a recognized AHSA "R" Combined Training course designer, and designed the 2005 American Eventing Championship courses (novice to advanced).

Career highlights


  • Olympic Games, bronze medal, individually 28th place (Carrick)


  • 6th MBNA Foxhall Cup CCI*** (Sloopy)


  • 4th Morven Park Spring Horse Trials


  • Selected to compete in Olympic Test Event, Sydney, Australia


  • 5th Radnor CCI**


  • Long-listed, European Championships


  • 2nd National Intermediate Championships, Radnor CCI**


  • 1st Mid-Atlantic Horse Trials Series
  • 3rd National Intermediate Championships, Radnor CCI**, PA 3rd/


  • 3rd National Intermediate Championships, Radnor CCI**
  • Winner National DeBroke Championships
  • Long-listed, World Championships



  • Long-listed, Olympic Games


  • Pan American Games Three-Day Event Championship, Chatsworth, GA


  • 1st Intermediate CCI National Championship at Radnor

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