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Josef Neckermann

Medal record
Olympic Games
Competitor for Template:EUA
Bronze 1960 Rome Dressage, Individual
Gold 1964 Tokyo Dressage, Team
Competitor for 22x20px West Germany
Gold 1968 Mexico City Dressage, Team
Silver 1968 Mexico City Dressage, Individual
Silver 1972 Munich Dressage, Team
Bronze 1972 Munich Dressage, Individual

Josef Carl Peter Neckermann (5 June 1912 in Würzburg – 13 January 1992 in Dreieich) was a German equestrian and Olympic champion. He won Olympic medals at four different Olympics, in 1960, 1964, 1968 and 1972.[1]

He was also the founder and owner of the German mail order company Neckermann AG in 1938.[2]

He benefited greatly from the Nazi forced hostile takeover of Jewish merchants including the 1938 acquisition of Karl Amson Joel's retail business in Berlin. Joel (grandfather of Billy Joel) founded a Nuremberg based mail order textile and clothing company in 1928. The following year he also started manufacturing. Joel's company soon became one of the leading mail order sellers in Germany (along with Quelle or Schöpflin). As discrimination further increased (e.g. deliveries had to be marked with a "J" for Juden, or Jew), and Jewish firms became "Aryanized," Joel was forced to sell his company to Neckermann for an unrealistic purchase price in 1938. The original agreement of 2.3 million marks was further reduced by Neckermann to 1.1 million marks. In 1957 Joel got a compensation of 2 million German marks for his former company from Neckermann who ran the most successful German mail order selling company at the time.


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