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Karl Wechselberger

Karl Wechselberger, born 3 December 1970 in Innsbruck, Austria, is a South Tyrolian horse rider and competes as a show jumper on the international scene.

Wechselberger was raised in the Italian town of Sterzing. He was born in a horse loving family and in the early years of his life it became clear that he had inherited the passion for horses. As a small boy at the age of seven, Karl Wechselberger began accumulating his first horse riding experiences. At the age of 16 Karl won the regional championships and showed his capabilities to many. In 1988, the 18 year old Wechselberger took his career to the next level by participating in his first international Grand Prix. And just 4 years later, in 2002, Wechselberger became part of the Italian national team.

His first big success was at the World Cup in Moscow, Russia, in 2002. The next following years Karl won several competitions on national and international jumping shows. Such successes include winning the Nations Cup with the Italian national team in Drammen, Norway, under the saddle of the remarkable stallion Quifilio. In 2006 Karl Wechselberger, riding the stallion Replay, won the Grand Prix of Sofia. An overview of some of his highest achievements are summed up in a later part of this text.

Wechselberger also serves numerous young riders as coach in the region of South Tyrol, Italy.


  • Winner of the Nations Cup in Drammen (2005)
  • Winner of the Grand Prix of Sofia (2006)
  • Winner of the Grand Prix of Wiesen/S├╝dtirol (2004, 2006, 2007)
  • Winner of the Nations Cup in Bulgaria (2006)
  • Winner of the Final in Prague (2005)
  • Winner of the Grand Prix of Bologna (2004)
  • Winner of the Grand Prix of Predazzo (2004)
  • 2. Place at the International Jumping CSI*** Vimeiro (2007)



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