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Kayla Stra

Kayla Stra
Occupation Jockey
Birthplace Adelaide, Australia
Birth date Template:Birthdate and age
Career wins 221+ (ongoing)
Major racing wins, honours & awards
Major racing wins
City of Marion Stakes (2005)

Kayla Stra (born December 3, 1984 in Adelaide, South Australia) is a jockey in Thoroughbred horse racing who raced in Australia until coming to compete in the United States at racetracks in California. She currently rides in the Northern California circuit after a 2 year stint in the Southern California area.

Kayla Stra was born in Australia, where she launched her career in horseracing prior to moving to California in Late 2007. From a very young age, Stra was interested in horses, having talked her parents into buying her a pony when she was eight years old. During her late childhood and adolescence, Stra worked at racing stables and eventually bought her first horse — a Thoroughbred named Gurtie, which she trained on her own for picnic races (unregistered race horses) before getting her certificate in racing.

Stra acknowledges her first trainer, Ray Moore, as someone who has had a strong influence in her life. Moore taught Stra how to be a horseman — how to communicate with horses by reading their body language and having a keen feel for what they're thinking. Stra credits John Letts as one of her mentors for his outstanding jockey career, having won three Melbourne Cups and hundreds upon hundreds of stake races.

As an apprentice, Stra was always in the top five riders and won all her premierships. During this time, she began traveling to different tracks to learn more from those experiences.

Stra eventually racked up approximately 500 victories in her native country and became the "poster girl" for Australian horseracing. Now, she hopes to continue that success in the much larger US market. Racing in California, on November 9, 2007 Kayla Stra won her first American race aboard Flying Bearcat at Hollywood Park Racetrack. One notable victory was at Santa Anita on 49-1 longshot Paddin' Mud. Stra's career goal to date is to hang in the game and not let the industry down. But here, she will face the toughest competitors in the world — serious professional athletes who are not likely to cut any slack for the new girl.

Stra became a leading Adelaide apprentice jockey who posted 220 winners in Australia. Her biggest Australian win was in the 2005 City of Marion Stakes with gelding Navy Shaker.

Stra is one of the jockeys featured in Animal Planet's 2009 reality tv show, Jockeys. It lasted for two seasons.

After two years of the lack of wins in the Southern California circuit, Stra decided to leave the Southern California circuit in October 2009 after two years. In October 2009, she joined the Northern California area. In her first season at Golden Gate Fields' fall meet she finished 10th in the standings. The Northern California Circuit is where she continues to ride their today.

Outside of horseracing, Stra enjoys the company of her close friends and family (including all animals) and focusing on her dreams.



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