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Kentucky Oaks top three finishers

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the Kentucky Oaks, the first leg of the defacto American Triple Tiara of Thoroughbred Racing, an American Grade 1 race for three year-old fillies at 1-1/8 miles (9 furlongs) on the dirt held at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.[1]

Year Winner Second Third Starters
2010 Blind Luck Evening Jewel Tidal Pool 14
2009 Rachel Alexandra Stone Legacy Flying Spur 7
2008 Proud Spell Little Belle Pure Clan 10
2007 Rags to Riches Octave High Heels 14
2006 Lemons Forever Ermine Wait a While 14
2005 Summerly In the Gold Gallant Secret 7
2004 Ashado Island Sand Madcap Escapade 11
2003 Bird Town Santa Catarina Yell 12
2002 Farda Amiga Take Charge Lady Habibti 9
2001 Flute Real Cozy Collect Call 13
2000 Secret Status Rings A Chime Classy Cara 14
1999 Silverbulletday Dreams Gallore Sweeping Story 7
1998 Keeper Hill Banshee Breeze Really Polish 13
1997 Blushing K.D. Tomisue's Delight Storm Song 9
1996 Pike Place Dancer Escena Cara Rafaela 6
1995 Gal In A Ruckus Urbane Sneaky Quiet 8
1994 Sardula Lakeway Dianes Halo 7
1993 Dispute Eliza Quinpool 11
1992 Luv Me Luv Me Not Pleasant Stage Prospectors Delite 6
1991 Lite Light Withallprobability Til Forbid 10
1990 Seaside Attraction Go For Wand Bright Candles 10
1989 Open Mind Imaginary Lady Blondeinamotel 5
1988 Goodbye Halo Jeanne Jones Willa on the Move 10
1987 Buryyourbelief Hometown Queen Super Cook 8
1986 Tiffany Lass Life at the Top Family Style 12
1985 Fran's Valentine Foxy Deen Rascal Lass 9
1984 Lucky Lucky Lucky Miss Oceana My Darling One 6
1983 Princess Rooney Bright Crocas Bemissed 7
1982 Blush With Pride Before Dawn Flying Partner 7
1981 Heavenly Cause De La Rose Wayward Lass 6
1980 Bold 'n Determined Mighty Lively Honest and True 8
1979 Davona Dale Himalayan Prize Spot 6
1978 White Star Line Grenzen Bold Rendezvous 11
1977 Sweet Alliance Our Mims Mrs. Warren 12
1976 Optimistic Gal Comfort Zone Carmelita Gibbs 7
1975 Sun and Snow Funalon Funny Cat 11
1974 Quaze Quilt Special Team Kaye's Commander 14
1973 Bag of Tunes La Prevoyante Coraggioso 13
1972 Susan's Girl Barely Even Fairway Flyer 7
1971 Silent Beauty Grafitti At Arms Length 9
1970 Lady Vi-E Glenary Artists Proof 10
1969 Hail to Patsy Double Delta Mrs. Jo Jo
1968 Dark Mirage Miss Ribot Lady Tramp
1967 Nancy Jr. Gay Sailorette Furl Sail
1966 Native Street Lady Pit Naidni Diam
1965 Amerivan Gold Digger Terentia
1964 Blue Norther Miss Cavandish Road to Romance
1963 Sally Ship Bonnie's Girl Power to Strike
1962 Cicada Flaming Page Fortunate Isle
1961 My Portrait Play Time Times Two
1960 Make Sail Quaze Airmans Guide
1959 Wedlock Indian Maid Kathy H.
1959 Hidden Talent Ray's Fairy Gold Aesthetic
1958 Bug Brush Galarullah Hasty Doll
1957 Lori-El Pillow Talk Dale's Delight
1956 Princess Turia Doubledogdare Tournure
1955 Lalun Lea Lane Mazza
1954 Fascinator Queen Hopeful Blue Violin
1953 Bubbley Cerise Reine Arab Actress
1952 Real Delight Whirla Lea Big Mo
1951 How Astro Sickle's Image
1950 Ari's Mona Wondring Diamond Lane
1949 Wistful The Fat Lady Lady Dorimar
1948 Challe Anne Reigh Belle Back Talk
1947 Blue Grass Cosmic Missile Mother
1946 First Page Athenia Buzzaround
1945 Come and Go On-Your-Toes Miss Blindfold
1944 Canina Harriet Sue Paddle
1943 Nellie L Valdina Marl Edie Jane
1942 Miss Dogwood Questvive Miss Glamour
1941 Valdina Myth Silvestra Mystery Marvel
1940 Inscolassie June Bee Shine O' Night
1939 Flying Lill Bala Ormont Rude Awakening
1938 Flying Lee Janice Fantine
1937 Mars Shield Shatterproof Alkit
1936 Two Bob Threadneedle Seventh Heaven
1935 Paradisical Mid Victorian Spanish Babe
1934 Fiji Far Star Penncote
1933 Barn Swallow At Top Bright Bubble
1932 Suntica I Say Depression
1931 Cousin Jo Sunny Lassie Town Limit
1930 Alcibiades Rich Widow Galaday
1929 Rose of Sharon Lady Broadcast Current
1928 Easter Stockings Pink Lily Reveries' Girl
1927 Mary Jane Handy Mandy Fresco
1926 Black Maria Dark Phantom Helen's Babe
1925 Deeming Buckwheat Cake Litle Visitor
1924 Princess Doreen Nellie Morse Befuddle
1923 John Corcoran Sweetheart Gadfly
1922 Startle Martha Fallon Precious Lula
1921 Nancy Lee Prudery Lady Madcap
1920 Lorraine Truly Rural Dresden
1919 Lillian Shaw Milkmaid Dancing Spray
1918 Viva America Fern Handley Mistress Polly
1917 Sunbonnet Diamond Battle
1916 Kathleen Mandy Hamilton Lady Always
1915 Waterblossom One Step Lady Rotha
1914 Bronzewing Casuarina Bracktown Belle
1913 Cream Floral Park Gowell
1912 Flamma Floral Day Beautiful
1911 Bettie Sue Princess Callaway Iima
1910 Samaria Foxy Mary My Gal
1909 Floreal Pink Wings Cordova
1908 Ellen-a-Dale Boema Estrada
1907 Wing Ting Altuda Little Turner
1906 King's Daughter Lady Navarre Lady Anne
1905 Janeta Mum Sis Lee
1904 Audience Outcome White Plume
1903 Lemco Mary Lavana The Crisis
1902 Wainamoinen Marque Autumn Leaves
1901 Lady Schorr Isobel Edith Q.
1900 Etta Scarlet Lily Cleora
1899 Rush May Hempstead The Lady in Blue
1898 Crocket Lennep Alleviate
1897 White Frost Rosinante Taluca
1896 Soufflé Myrtle Harkness La Gascoyne
1895 Voladora Alabama Kathryn
1894 Selika Charity Shuttle
1893 Monrovia Elizabeth L. Joanna
1892 Miss Dixie Unadilla Greenwich
1891 Miss Hawkins Ethel Bonnie Bird
1890 English Lady Marie K. none
1889 Jewel Ban Bandolette Retrieve
1888 Ten Penny Los Angeles Quindaro Bell
1887 Florimore Wary Bannail
1886 Pure Rye Red Girl Ada D.
1885 Lizzie Dwyer Constellation Exile
1884 Modesty Highflight Bluette
1883 Vera Orange Blossom Billetta
1882 Katie Creel Pinafore Issie
1881 Lucy May Belle of the Highlands Mrs. Chubbs
1880 Longitude Bye and Bye Ersilia
1879 Liahtunah Ada Glenn Buckden Lass
1878 Belle of Nelson Buena Vista Fortuna
1877 Felicia Bradamante Aunt Betsy
1876 Necy Hale Plenty Lady Clipper
1875 Vinaigrette Gyptis Elemi

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  1. 2009 The Kentucky Derby Media Guide, 135th Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs, page 240-249 on May 2, 2009.


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