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Kyōto Kinen

Grade 2 race
Kyōto Kinen
Location Kyoto Racecourse, Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan
Inaugurated May 17, 1942
Race type Thoroughbred Flat racing
Website japanracing.jp/
Race information
Distance 2200 meters
Track Turf, Right-handed
Qualification 4-y-o & Up, Thoroughbreds
Weight 4-y-o 56kg, 5-y-o & up 57kg
filly allowance -2kg
Purse ¥135,440,000 (2010)

The Kyōto Kinen (京都記念 Kyōto Kinen?) is a Grade II race in Japan that is open to international horses. It is held mid February at Kyoto Racecourse in Kyoto, Japan.

The race was first run in 1942. It was not run from 1944 to 1947 due to World War II. Initially the race was run over 3,500 metres (about 2 miles or 1.5 furlongs) and the present race is run over 2,200 metres (about 11 furlongs).

Kyōto Kinen has been rated as a Grade II race since 1984 and was opened for foreign trained horses at that time, although foreign horses have never run the race until recently.

It is a popular prep race for Tenno Sho (spring). Takeshiba O, Ten Point, Biwa Hayahide and T M Opera O are horses that won both the Kyōto Kinen and the Tenno Sho. Some horses run this race before going to Dubai. In 2007, Admire Moon won this race and the Dubai Duty Free.

Autumn part

Initially Kyōto Kinen was held twice a year in spring and autumn. The autumn race was abolished 1984 when Japanese domestic race grading was started.

Before the autumn part was abolished, some horses ran both races and five horses won both. Notably, Final Score (1954) and Sky Leader (1974) won both races in the same year.

List of recent winners







2000 T M Opera O 4 Ryuji Wada Ichizo Iwamoto Masatsugu Takezono 2:13.8
2001 Maquereau 4 Yasuhiko Yasuda Hiroyoshi Matsuda Katsumi Yoshida 2:12.3
2002 Narita Top Road 6 Kunihiko Watanabe Yoshio Oki Hidenori Yamaji 2:11.8
2003 My Sole Sound 4 Masaru Honda Katsuichi Nishiura Kiyoshi Sano 2:16.5
2004 Silk Famous 5 Hirofumi Shii Ippo Samejima Silk Co. Ltd. 2:12.8
2005 Narita Century 6 Hirokazu Tajima Kazuo Fujisawa Hidenori Yamaji 2:15.7
2006 Six Sense 4 Yutaka Take Hiroyuki Nagahama Shadai Race Horse 2:13.5
2007 Admire Moon 4 Yutaka Take Hiroyoshi Matsuda Riichi Kondou & Katsumi Yoshida 2:17.2
2008 Admire Aura 4 Katsumi Andou Hiroyoshi Matsuda Riichi Kondou 2:13.6
2009 Asakusa Kings 5 Hirofumi Shii Ryuji Ookubo Keiko Tahara 2:14.6

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