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Kyoto Racecourse

Kyoto Racecourse
Kyoto Racecourse
Official website
Location Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Owned by Japan Racing Association
Date opened 1925
Screened on KBS Kyoto
Kansai TV (Sun)
TVG Network (USA)
Course type Flat, Steeplechase
Notable Races Kikuka Sho
Tenno Sho (Spring)
Shuka Sho
Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Cup
Mile Championship

Kyoto Racecourse (京都競馬場 Kyōto-keibajō?) is located in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. It is used for horse racing. It has a capacity of 120,000. It was built in 1999. It has 28,000 seats.

Physical attributes

Kyoto Race Course has two turf courses, a dirt course, and a jump course.

The turf's outer oval (外回り sotomawari?) measures 1894m (1 1/8 miles + 274 feet), and the inner oval (内回り uchimawari?) measures 1783m (1 1/16 miles + 240 feet). A chute permits races to be run on either oval at distances between 1400m and 1800m. Races can be run on the "A Course" rail setting (on the hedge), the "B Course" setting (rail out 4 meters), the "C Course" setting (rail out 7 meters) or the "D Course" setting (rail out 10 meters).

The dirt course measures 1608 meters (4 feet less than 1 mile), with a 1400m chute.

Source: JAIR, Kyoto Racecourse, http://www.japanracing.jp/course/j03.html, retrieved 2007-02-26 

Notable races





Grade I

Apr/May Tenno Sho (Spring) Turf 3200m 4yo +
Oct Shuka Sho Turf 2000m 3yo f
Oct Kikuka Sho (Japanese St. Leger) Turf 3000m 3yo c&f
Nov Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Cup Turf 2200m 3yo + f
Nov Mile Championship Turf 1600m 3yo +

Grade II

Jan Nikkei Shinshun Hai (Handicap) Turf 2400m 4yo +
Feb Kyoto Kinen Turf 2200m 4yo +
May Kyoto Shimbun Hai Turf 2200m 3yo
Oct Kyoto Daishoten Turf 2400m 3yo +
Oct Daily Hai Nisai Stakes Turf 1600m 2yo
Oct Swan Stakes Turf 1400m 3yo +

Grade III

Jan Kyoto Kimpai (Handicap) Turf 1600m 4yo +
Jan Shinzan Kinen Turf 1600m 3yo
Jan Heian Stakes Dirt 1800m 4yo +
Jan/Feb Kyoto Himba Stakes Turf 1600m 4yo + f
Jan/Feb Silk Road Stakes (Handicap) Turf 1200m 4yo +
Feb Kisaragi Sho (NHK Sho) Turf 1800m 3yo
Apr Antares Stakes Dirt 1800m 4yo +
Nov Miyako Stakes Dirt 1800m 3yo +
Nov Fantasy Stakes Turf 1400m 2yo f
Nov Keihan Hai Turf 1200m 3yo +

J-Grade II (Steeplechase)

Nov Kyoto High-Jump Turf 3930m 3yo +

J-Grade III (Steeplechase)

May Kyoto Jump Stakes (Handicap) Turf 3170m 4yo +

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