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Lady Wonder

Lady Wonder was a horse belonging to Virginia farmgirl C. D. Fonda, which was said to have psychic abilities. Over 150 thousand people came to consult the horse at the price of three questions for one dollar; it has been suggested that many of the questions had to do with betting on race horses. Dr. J. B. Rhine investigated the horse and concluded that there was strong evidence for telepathy between human and horse. Lady Wonder is said to have helped the Massachusetts police to find the body of a missing girl, to have predicted that Jack Dempsey would defeat Jack Sharkey in 1927, and to have helped discover oil. It has been suggested that the horse used a form of cold reading in a manner similar to Clever Hans, though many observers agree that its owner sincerely believed in the horse's psychic powers. [1]

See also

  • Paul the Octopus, an octopus with purported oracular abilities.


  1. Dick Gardner. The Impossible. 1962. Ballentine Books. NY. pg 94.


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